First week in beijing

Ok, the temperature now is -4 degrees, and sadly it is not snowing.supposedly it snowed alr, so low chance tt it will snow again.It's exactly 1 week that i've been here, and i'm feelung v tired now frm the hustle and bustle of one week...so pardon me for my lack of words.hope the pict makeup for it.


Thanks jayne amal and nic for seeing me off!!!


Me and Char on the plane

Our lunch in china on the first day.the restaurant was real nice.food was erm..abit oily.Actually the people here eat very oily and saltish foodm oily cos the layer of oil keeps the soup warm.

Went shopping at carrefour, there's walmart here too.It's located near my apartment, and well, it looks like singapore.

Yep, our truckload of stuff, pillow blankies and other daily necessities. Heres Alina, my roomie!!

 Ok, so my apartment din come in that great a state, but after washing it was pretty cosy.I made the bed!!!! haha blue is mine.But the toilet was a horror on the first day because it cant flush!!! and the water heater take a very long time to heat up.they use gas heater here.

To make up for the lack of a beautiful house ( hey my guy fren got like a singapore condo style one la!), our location wad pretty gppd.Opp a mrt, surrounded by stalls and supermarkets, minutes away frm carrefour by bus etc.Of yea, there are like more than one outlets of Mac, pizzahut, subway, starbucks,7-11 near my house.everywhere i go ard my house i see them.Whatever happen to all the local cruisine? haha oh and i think my area is filled with koreans.I see many korean sighboards, saw many ppl speaking in korean, and the shops here sell korean goods.I supposed cos beijing is located near korea, esp north korea.And i see many ang mohs here, and indians, all speakin chinese in the beijing accent -_-" talk abt being foreign.

Yep us at starbucks.It was cold..-7 degree tt time i think

yea we ate pizzahut, and it was damn posh lah! got ppl bring u up one smmore, and it's 2 levels.

Area that we live in...

In case u are wondering how i look, here goes. Tt is the train, not the mrt tracks btw.At 6.15pm, the barrier will come down so that all the ppl can be kept out and the train can pass through.The mrt is just like singapore's.

Mrt magnetic tickets (destination: Shan Di --> 3 Yuan)

Us and some of the guys went to rackey our workplace the day before we  start.

My workplace area.My company is a SME i think, but the whole district is surrouded by big names like p&G, Lenovo ( damn beautiful building made of glass, and it is darn big, like it take up 3 districts? no wonder it bought over IBM)

Yep, my office building

My cubicle.

My go-to-work- buddy LR


Some of the dinner we had.The curry chicken wasn't t nice tho.i miss laksa already

Haha am really busy..will only update once a week.Just to tell u that Beijing isn't that Ulu and all kinds of things cna be found here.Yesterday we found a convienience store tt sells singapore stuff and other imported stuff from America, and absolut vodka was gg at sing 25!!! we bought Peach white wine for sing 16, damn cheap la, and it is certified so yea.heh.Haven't tried drinking though.

Haiz, heater gotprob.i gotta run.

Miss u all lots.cya.


sherfen 在 2007-01-22 01:37:08 说:

heh heh!!! so good to hear that you are enjoying ur life and discovering new stuff everyday!! haha =) hope i am there too!! anyway, update ur blog whenever you can k!!

sherfen =)
jiv 在 2007-01-21 10:52:12 说:

off to a great start! :)

and madame, we need a tag board!




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