Ok, so another update in case i dont have time this week.We were trying to save $ So we ate at home for dinner on Sun, cup noodles+ egg and other random tt stuff tt aline brought back hm when she couldn;t finish her lunch -_-" haha...cos i was preparing my presentation and alina was searching for her church.

Us sitting like dua pek gongs in our living room

Ok, so the day before tt, we meet up with the 3/4 of our gip peeps for dinner at Yong An Li,one of those place tt sells all kinda stuff, esp nice fakes hahahaha.we ate...pizza hut -_- and paid abt 26 RMB each? Yea of all thing i eat pizza hut i know


Ok anyway bizarre things happens. Was at the mrt waiting for roommie to buy tics, then this black guy approached me to ask if i speak eng (cos i dun look local i guess), so i told her where he was and how he was to go and stuff..apparently he was frm south africa, africos he said.And he happened to be gg smae palce as us.at first we were wary of him, but then again, he looked really poor thin as he dun know chinese and the chinese here seemed scared of him..and since he was following us and nt the other way round...so we ask him to follow us.Then we were chatting (his name is mike) and he knew french and thai cos he stayed in france and thailand and laos, now he's staying in Bj to learn chinese. While on the train, we met this guy who looked surprised and was staring at us...so we got a bit freaked out.then he approached us to ask if he cld follow us..and then we realise tt he is from indonesia!! and he is here alone on his chemistry engine course at tsinghua (apparently first in asia for tt curse).He seemed mighty glad to meet us...and he was gg An Li also..so we 4 trudge on.Mike went to meet his friends and we invited Indra (indoguy) to come eat with the gip peeps and he seemed happy enough to join. After tha they guy wanna go pub to watch soccer, so Indra brought Alina and Ito Wang Fu Jing to see the factory outlet stores and the satay street.....and tt is when we realise that the chinese eats EVERYTHING.yea anything tt can be put into the mouth.

fried giant grasshoppers...


The Sotongs, mini lobsters, and i dun know what

The mini lobsters (seem nice,i shld try), larvae, and sea urchins

Uh, scorpions, sea horses, more things that i really dun want to know...

oh and big juicy oysters

and the main attraction of the blog today is the Starfish ( orange) and the sharks (the gray stuff)and the centipedes

Yep, so being the brave me, and being smone who dislike spongebob, i ate patrick the starfish.literally.They fried it ....and it..taste like......

Ikan bilis.Very saltish ikan billis.my frens all think i am mad.Indra was freaking out, yea see my face, i wasn't too positive abt it either, but curiosity took over.yea i know it kills cats. Now u see the close up version of fried starfish.

she look very hapy lor

Ok alina tried my starfish too..we are very much kicking still, so i guess starfish is edible?heh

am gg to aim sea urchin and lobster next

These are the tang hu lus,all kinds of fruits and flavours coated in crispy malt candy


damn nice la! esp the strawberries!!! so big and sweet and juicy! The fruits here are all nice and juicy la!!!must be the weather.Just look at the size of the strawberries.we bought a box of strawberries frm the market after that

 Tt guy is Indra btw,and know what bizarre thing? On our way back we found out that we are neighbours -_-" derps.so now we sort of hang out together..funny or what?

Yea i know, dun make frens with strangers, we take precautions, but how amazing is tt.

Just a few days ago, we were at the china's version of pizzahut, and we helped this mexican girls to translate and stuff...talk abt cosmopolitan.But most chinese here still dun know english tt well...


so tt's all for now.ciaos.oh yea the 评论is comments.just click it to leave a msg.no time to get a tagboard now..will try to.


liting 在 2007-01-26 20:27:58 说:

hey! ur pictures look GOOD :) haha. it looks really cold there! u only staying with one girl? is it scary! looks fun though! i also wanna come on gip next semester man! take care there :)
shiao en 在 2007-01-25 07:50:56 说:

LOL. i am totally loving all the food that you get in bj girl... so much more interesting than what we get here in uk.. try the grasshoppers next!! :)
ting 在 2007-01-25 02:50:42 说:

hey!..the 大名 thing is so cute! lol.. so many things to shop and eat there..
i miss all the delicious food..all we have here are homecooked stuffs frm walmart, sandwiches and pizzas. having a whole fish is super rare and will never find starfish! isit snowing there now? heez..anyway.. have fun there! :)




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