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ok, so update again.firstly friday we asked LR to come and see our hub, and why it;s not connecting us to the net. We were stuck for 1 week, so alina and i ahve to go online alternatively...He was stuck also for an hr then he click smthing adn the LAN was established ( nope, LR we dun need you, i insist that it was just pure luck for u)

uh the backview of our team leader in our room

 was so tired so went to buy guan dong zu ( smthng like jap food, they cook everything in miso sauce) frm 7-11, and it cost me 13 yuan..aka 2.50 sing, alina ate noodles

then on sat, we met the guys to go shopping at xidan, but first lunch...china' version of ajisen

went to the shoppin centre, and the girls bought boots hehe i bought mine for 30+ sing..but i din take photos haha next time la huh..these are alina's tho..her cost ard sing 60?

anyway sm shots of the place

i'm not a person for soft toys and kawaii stuff, but this is really sweet!!!!the local's valentine bouquet

our loot, not alot actually, bargaining is very tiring, hor shiaoen? got experience in bkk

alina's boots, mine not here la hahaha next time i'll post

as usual mine no high heels...cos i cant balance on high heels duh。then we went to eat the famous peking duck supposedly at the best shop in beijing! went yong an li, saw the price 168 per duck, we decided tt it was abit ex so we went wangfujing...and end up same duck costs 198,+ service charge!!!! and this is like the first gst since we reached here la!! sighhhhhh bu the duck was damn good la, and actually 5 of us..so each of us paid sing 9 bucks, but still v sad, cos we cld have paid 7 bucks haiz..ok the palce looked damn posh..now u know why we paid more hahaha cos wangfujing is a tourism area!!! *slaps head*

shi fu cutting the duck

all the meet and sauce and ingredients we got for all tt we paid.Taste quite awesome tho not alot..min next time u come i bring u ok

us and daniel tan, the guy who look-like-a-korean/japanese-who-got-picked-up-by-china-girls

the 2 daniels, dan tan and dong.tt is a cert for eating roast duck btw =_=

ok after the yummy food..must go for some excitement right!! SO we went down to the street of exotic satays..true to my word, i tried the SEA URCHIN. and no, we eat the inside, not the fry the whole thing and eat the spikes la!!!

brave me eating.taste like those clams in char kway teow...was ok la.alina tried too! see we girls so brave, guys i think only LR try...haiyoh why so humji? hahaha actually we were secrely hoping tummy can take it

then fried ice cream...uh pls ignore the expression on dong' face...alina caught him at a wrong moment in time haaha the ice cream taste like tow huay

my next aim? fulcill shiao en's wisha nd eat grasshopper/scorpions, alina wants to try centipedes or earthworm.

Ok sunday wen to alina's church with her since it;s at zhng guan cun and we are gg to the electronic city which is nearby...her church is in a bulding tt is damn nice, trees looks v artistic too.hur.Me wearing my boots, dunnow u can see anot.alina took one, not bad shoot eh? haha

anyway onl non resident can go to church here dun ask me why..it's full of angmohs, spanish, blacks and ABCs...and the band was.....very good! the angmoh sing well..american i think

then we met the guy at the electronic city and ahd the local version of mac which taste quite good

went shopping at zhongguancun, i think we are learning the art of bargaining haha, am trying to perfect it, anyway we got a good bargain.6 bucks for webcam and 6 bucks for microphone+earphone.my earphone is abit faulty tho...am gg back to change.sigh


then dinner at yoshinoya which has more choices than bakc in sing.i had seafood yoshinoya!alian had teriyaki!

ok morepict of foo.found a restuarant called japane restauraunt tt sells korean+ jap food which taste good and cheap! by singapore's standard..ard 3 bucks for a big bowl?

alian had a very interesting meal, like rice in ocha, which mean tea in jap, but actually is miso, and salmon, she enjoyed it alot.me? i love noodles.every chance i have i eat noodles..so i eat ramen heheh

they served us appetisers which made us v happy cos we thought was ice cream..but was actually mash potato..sigh but the food is good...min u come i bring u k...zah i spotted a muslim restuarant by the xinjiang ppl! u can eat here too!

 i am missinh laksa...chicken rice..roti prata....chocalate dar forest cake alr =(

chinamama 在 2007-02-02 12:29:46 说:

hey roomie!!!! happy happy birthday!!! we must enjoy ourselves later...
jayne 在 2007-02-02 10:14:33 说:

happy happy happy 21st birthday!! boo i wasn't first.. but at least i wasn't last! :)
渔民小姐 在 2007-02-02 00:10:33 说:

the sea urchin looks yucky leh... pei fu you ah.... i die die also wont try that =P
AnW, HappY 21st bIrThDay k! \(^0^)/
May ALL ur wishes come true!! *esp the drop from the sky one* hahaha~~
chinamama 在 2007-01-31 09:06:56 说:

it is so weird reading your blog.. cos the bulk of our content are about the same hahahahahhahahahahahah!!!!!!!!




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