Ok, so it was the great 21st b'day for me on friday,was missing my family and buddies back in sing...i mean, usualy i will eat mee sua cooked by my aunt, and cake bought by mum smtimes...and then meet min and zah and xue and let right? but i'm spending my 21st overseas alone so was feeling abit down at first.BUT i decided that since it's spent overseas, it pretty special, and i shall spend a bomb on dinner hahahah went to Hard Rock Cafe beijing branch with Alina and food was great! spend a grand total of sing 28 in total for that meal though.I finally had fish cos i ordered tuna burger.my gosh.i miss fish.and thanks Alina for accompaning me for the mini celebration!!!!!!

so an artistic shot tt alina took of me inside, and me of her

and the band performing on stage.thai/phillipines band i think

Ok us, and my icecram sundae aka replacement for bday cake.see got candle lor

our food: tuna burger+ veggie sandwich

oh yea then we were talking about tying knots on the cherry's stalk using the tongue, so i tried, and i did it!

nah.i dun buy the good kisser thinggie.

oh yea and LR bought me a cake, which was rather sweet of him haha so i'll post the pict up ( eh dun say i nv thank u k! haha)

And on sunday we went to the zoo market, which is actually wholesale markets ard tt area.Where u need to bargain and things are cheap cos shops get their stuff frm here.there are like many wholesale mkts ard.The weather was quite nice, so we thought we'll take a few picts in the big area where ppl fly kites,a nd in front of the china's exhibition building.i like the photo i too for alina!

and we had baskin robbins!!!

ok, so our conquest for the day hahah i bought the sling bag on bottom right.Made of leather, 65 yuan aka 13 sing la...cos i nd a slingbag here -_- the other 2 are Alina's.the photo din do the bags justice cos they were damn NICE

then we went to meet the guys for dinner.And they bought me a slice of cheesecake, a belated celebraion thinggie.Really appreciated ,guys!thanks! so sorry no pict! the cake in my tummy le hahha.then we went to the duck and goose bar to watch soccer and erm, drink hahaha -_-" supposedly a bar for the angmoh expat by an ang moh.but weird name huh

hong kong style noodles for sing 3 bucks.i saw veggie! yay! no oil floating! yay! hahaha

then we walked over to sanlitun, apparently this bar street to look around.i ended up having a milkshake at the 2nd bar.so all of us! and the inside of the bar

ok, so sunday alina went to church while i got to zgc to change my mike, but in the end, i think it' my com prob, not the mic la.so i went to the building where alina's service is at to take sm photos...the bulding is damn nice la, glass building.and the funny thing is china is so full of contrast.one side new one side old.

and the old side of bj..kinda loks like old england -_-


then went to meet the guys to bring them to the zoo mkt.Our loot.dad dun heart attack k, this is everyone's loot,not just 2 of us! it's like 5 people's! I nv anyhow spend $ ok

we went to Hou Hai after tt, another pub street, which is like clarke quay of singapore, but i  find it even nicer, cos the whole street is pubs and the pubs all have diff themes and looks cosy.But we din go in la..just see see.


But we;ll be back hahaha oh and on the way as we walked throgh the Hutongs to the pubs,we saw the frozen lake,and ppl were iceskating on it..so we went down too and did many funny things.was pretty cool

see we so scared! can u see tt we are standing on ICE? looks like  planet mercury haaha

Presenting to you GIP's goose...uh swan lake.uh,they were pretending to be swans frm the swan lake.CMI la.where got swan cant balance one.they gooses la.

the 2 daniels and triheu and lr in the other photo.Dong looked so happy lo, finally see his teeth when he smile.

ok, then all of us, looking v happy hahhaah

ok, so on the day we saw this statue of a man doing taiji.being very high, and of course, guys being guys,u see this:

then we joined in -_-"


..so tt's all for now. will update u all again k.





roomie alina
team leader luo ren