KTV cum Feb birthday celebration

Ok so, looooooooong entry ahead, and some of the photos aren;t even with me! so i'll blog with the ones i kopped from others hahha

 Firstly, our router broke down...AGAIN. @&&^^^%%%###$$#$#@

 So Luoren came to help us with it again.Poor guy he stayed till 10.30pm beause the the internet is not connecting....only to discover that my IE have some problem too, so everything went ok when i restarted com -_-" paiseh ah

my desolate backview with lr's troubled view

ARgh gg mad le la, *scratch head scratch head*

oh then on friday we met the guys to go to the Texas bbq at Jianguo men, think the shop was opened by a philipino..alot of angmohs there and the waitress was quite chio!

our spring chicken costs 9 bucks sing each,mexican style i feel. cos we wanted salmon but the dun have!! we missed fish =(

daniel opening the bottle of chardonnay tt we bought for 16 sing eons ago

after that we went to cashmere bar, where the boss was really buddy buddy with the guys last time, so they decided to bring us there

 yea baaaaa

our drinks.blue magarita, salty dog ( no, i din eat dog meat.it's a rum+grapefruit drink la -_-), and gin tonic

we saw an electronic dartboard at the bar and decided to have a go at it.then after a while, i decided to challenge lr

The CHallenge

Oh yea i must mention this.CNY is coming, and can u see that there are christmas decorations in the bar?! i even heard jingles bells playing outside my house last week.CANNOT TAKE IT.how can u lag so much?!

Anyway saturday was the birthday celebration thinggie at the 6 girls house. Their house is like a real condo! Got swimming pool and gym and it looks soooo nice! sigh but we have a good location muahahah.We reached chongwen men at 11.37am la, cos the guys complained that we are always late! and this time, they came at 1pm! So we slacked away at starbuck.starbucks costs more ex here than at our palce at wu dao kou, so they prob dun practise standard pricing here

ok us with the 6 girls,behind: Kristy, Claire, Lee Choon,front: Elizabeth,me,Alina,Shi ting, shiyi missing

so we had a potluck.Us being only 2 girls, we brought drinks hehehe.andre and siquan the 2 guys actually made sandwiches

then we forced the guys to wash the dishes while we camwhore.I mean they must train right, so they can be good husbands next time mah.

at 7pm we went to KTV. Min, i think u will go mad at ktv here, they offer u lotsa food and drinks and discoball and a stage!

me singing with claire

dan tan singing his gary chao song

 so u all think he looks more like a korean, japanese or a chinaman?vote pls

me darling roomie alina.she looked v fair hor? i think is because i am dark

lr was damn enthusiastic tt night,then alina discovered that she have many photos of lr singing....proof as shown

yea and tt's only 4 out of the pictures taken of him singing -_-"

and this is Keane, our beijing ntu gip coordinator.he's from tianjin btw.

ok then comes the celebration. the 3 febuary babes!

Me, Cecilia and Elizabeth!

our pretty bday cake!

and then dan tan was almost gone that night.he looked so red! so alina asked him to take a photo to keep him awake hahahaha.not bad, he still remember to smile leh

everyone continued singing after that.

us with ceci! finally we din see them for one month! charmaine i forgot to take with you!

the 3 girls, shufen charmaine and cecilia

The next day we were all very sehed, but we still march to zoo wholesale market to shop anyway. Dan tan balancing on a small stool trying his adidas shoes.


Alot of ppl were flying kite at this open space,and we found this big octopus kite!

us at the open area

after that we went to ito yako supermarket to buy our pressure cooker, recommended by kristy! And we discovered  boot polishing machine outside, for free, so i stuck my foot in heh.it works!

after that we ment Dong for Dimsum, cos we miss singapore food, and tt is similar la! we paid ard 8 sing each i think, fo a dbowl of porridge each of our choice, and some dimsum to share

the best photo we have of dong so far la , in my opinion.he looked naturally happy here leh

for the story od the death of the xiao long bao, refer to alina's blog, quite funny! haha and i lazy to blog heh

Our pressure cooker! cook rice, porridge,soup, chicken for 30+ sing! 5litres!

i was so excited i made alina go shopping together at lotus supermart for green beans red dates and stuff and warmers!

ta-daaa! our green bean soup!


anyway further proof that cny and spring is coming, the leaves and flowers are budding! cna u see the buds? so early this year!

and someone actually went ard to hang laterns and chun lians at every main door

and there are actually vendor machines selling condoms on the street and alina was like " wah, they sell leh!" haha good idea, shld do tt in singapore too -_- as u can see that is the nan zi han brand hur hur hur

Oh! we discovered that there's a wholeale market right at our place at wu dao kou! alina's fren brought her there and it rocks! So we bought sm new clothes for CNY

alina's purchases, supposedly american eagle

my purchases, supposedly abercrombie, but cost me 16 sing for 2 shirts hm.so u figure la.anyway can wear can alr, material not bad.i din expect spring to come so soon,so i din bring much normal clothes.

after that we went to walmart to stock up on my food supply in view of the upcming CNY. we are worried that shops will close and no one will open their shop..so we went mad at walmart.


walmart rocks la! we spent ard 70+ sing there on daily supplies because we sort of went mad at the imported food section, finally saw ayam brand tuna~!!!1 the local brands dun sell tuna! only tomato sardines, so i bought lots and lots of tuna and sardines and eels cos we miss eating fish so much! we also bought alot of cup noodles, and muesli for breakfast,breakfast bars, daily necessities and Alina finally found her beloved cranberries! She was so happy la!

this is what our cupboard looked like, stocked with food, i loooooooooooove it.makes me feel happy looking at it.

and yea our dustpan handle broke.we were tyring to conserve money so we pasted it back with duct tape


hahah so tt's all for now.expect more to come soon after CNY.Wont' be ard for the weekend, so i wish u all happy chinese new year, hong baos keep rolling in k!





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我在这留下了一个脚印。life seems interesting there, hehe, *envious*.




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