Chinese new year in Beijing

We missed singapore so much, and the chinese goodies we ahve back there that we went to hunt for the legendary Mei Zheng Xiang bbq meat at Wang fujing! 

TADDAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! us with our precious ba gua!

the smell and taste of hommmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


ok, so the day before chinese new year eve, we had a mass reuinion dinner where all of us turned up at the 363 restaurant.

the 20 of us at the reunon dinner minus 3 who went back to singapore

and wen went to the 6 girl's house to buy fireworks and crackers, cos we are allowed to set off firecrackers here!

On the day of the cny eve, reunion dinner, we went to the 4 guys' house, where the our team leader Lr is living in too.the guys can actually cook, esp dan tan, who fried the prawns and stuff. Like wow. Yh, u ned to buck up le k.


I went there empty handed and all ready to slack, but smhow i ended up in the kitchen cooking dumplings -_-"

and here is us all cook,s with kristy and dan tan , the master chefs. krsity's pumpkin thinggie was cool! we din start dinner till 9pm tt night though.

and the food we cooked, minus the chicken and dumplings which was still cooking in process when the photo was taken.

some of us

after eating some of us played mahjong while the others played indian poker.i was learning mahjong!!! dong had 2 canadian friends over that night, which exlains the ang moh u saw in this pict hahah


shiting and yiting sat togther that night and both of them have bad karma togther hahahah

after that we bought went down to set the fireworks wehich was dman fun la!!!the ones we bought adn we saw other ppl setting were as good as the ones during national day if not better! it was damn coo, with all them "pomp pomp" sound all around u, and fireworks coming from every direction because everyone is playing with fireworks! this is the first year since the ban was lifted so everyone was damn enthusiastic and it was very fun! definitely smthing u wont experience in singapore.sometimes orderliness makes things abit dull.

shiyi setting off the fireworks and firecrackers

the girls altogether lighting a firework, and the guys linig the firecrackers up for the big bang

tri heu with firecrackers

me and alina with fireworks behind us


the guys getting v high!

all of us =)

 the next day, we were tired so we all woke up feeling half asleep at 10+ 11, and we set out for tiananmen in the afternoon

darl alina and me in for nt of tiananmen

waiting for the flag rolling ceremony, look at the crowd.it's mad.

the flag

While waiting we were bored so we decided to camwhore, hehehe

outside the parliament


me outside the olympic countdown clock

and we decided to take jumping shots, smu style, i took one after training from alina hahaha not bad yea


and me in my gongfu pose

the flag rolling ceremony.they actually closed the road for 15 min and stopped all the traffic while the soldiers march across the road to the flaq\g pole.

tiananmen at night, quite beautiful.behind it, is the gu gong, which is the palace where the qing dynasty emperor stayed.our school will bring us to visit it one day.

if u want videos of fireworks come look for me i send u online k! next coming up will be the hiking on great wall and skiing trip!





roomie alina
team leader luo ren