Hiking at the great wall

At first we wanted to join a guided tour for hiking, but it costs 200 yuan, so we decided to do it the budget way by climbing ourselves.Anyway the guys have NS experience so they can navigate, hopefully, hahaha so we took a 2 .5 hr ride on the public bus 919 to the outskirts before hiring a private van to go up to simatai. The thing abt this part of the great wall is tt is is isolated,mostly in ruins,and not much of a tourist spot,compared to petaling and other areas, and the view was marvellous.

we dragged ourselves out of the bed at 5.30 am.On the way to meet the guys at the bus interchange, becuase it new year everyone left for their hometown and the train was actually empty!

our heavy backpacking bag

on the bus

our hired van for another 2 hours

on the van on the way to Simatai

we bought tickets and negotiated with the driver to pick us up at 5pm

 So armed with 1.5 litre water bottles, ba gua sandwiches,gloves and backpacks we started on our teacherous journey from jin shan lin point.

On the way to the climbing point on great wall.This is the good part of the road.

Start of the climb.Initially we took alot of photos, then we realised tt we need to complete a 16km hike in max 5 hours, so we hurried up. Since we are on our own w/o guides, we don'tknow any short cuts and we die die also have to complete the hike within the timelimit.

posing china woman style

and to our amazement, lr actually received msges while up on the tower -_-".china mobile good coverage eh

all of us

fantastic view

climb was ok initially

then it started to get abit steep

then it got even steeper, nearly 45 degree angle steps

the ruins of some beacons.looks like some postcard photos huh? but it is photos that we took.very breathtaking scenery, much better than i anticipated.

then some of the steps disappeared

 (tt's alina looking down, nice pict yea?)

dong, who was trying to take a photo of us, was caught in action instead, and this picture is damn cool.

taking shortcuts, we walk on the side of high walls.

then the ruins were everywhere and the steps disappeared into powdery pieces and we have to use hands and legs to crawl down

alina , turn back and say cheese!

and then the steps disappeared into uneven pathways

and then the tiled paths disappeared and we are walking on the side of the cliff next to the great wall

yup, no roads, just paths and stones and valleys

we stopped half way at one of the beacons to have our lunch which consists of water parade+mei zhen xiang ba gua+milo

and we trudged on, driven on by the thought of singapore food in the evening + adrenaline rush

and officials suddenly appear from nowhere to get us to buy tickets or to check for our tickets to enter the simatai area.U see the guy in green? Tt's him.They climbed the great wall everyday, and we wonder how they knew we were there. So we unpacked to get our tickets.

and we took some monkey shots, uh they were pretending to be gongfu masters, the crane pose,the rabbit pose and the snake pose

us girls? nah we are too graceful for tt.

alina, the superwoman


and my candid shot, credits to alina

finally, we reached simatai beacon.the view was even more fantastic.

us awed by the scenery when we came out of the beacon


dan and alina illuminated by the light

us peeping out from the 2nd last beacon

then we came to this big piece of wall, and we couldn't resist climbing onto the roof, and ...we did the smu jump hahahah -_-" i caught the pict!!!! trained by alina! i like dong's jump, very original!

the 2 daniels

yay! exit from simatai! WE DID IT!!!

crossing the bridge to get across to the real exit

the dam underneath the bridge.the water was crystal clear.

yay the ending is sweet!

trudging to the carpark which is still 25 mins away from the exit.took the photo in sepia mode.

then we went to lidu hotel, where there is a Singporean restaurant called Boat Quay ( so singporean yea the name) and the boss is a bachelor fromm singapore .He was nice enough to came out to apologise to us cos they ran out of chicken rice.He was probably glad to see singaporeans too! so we ended up having indian curry, which is by far the best curry we tasted in beijing though it cant compare to home, and it cost 26 yuan each, aka 5 sing.Abit ex, but it smells and taste of home. A well earned treat after a tiring day.

our curry yum yum+ bi tai bak soup

lr's mee goreng

us eating happily =)

Simatai is a highly recommended hike.Abit treacherous, very tiring, but all effort well worth it.Will i do it again? yes, i definitely would.Next will be abt skiing trip.keep a lookout!






shiao en 在 2007-02-27 19:30:40 说:

amazing scenery. from those pics, and past travel experience, can infer that the being there must have been breathtaking. :) next destination after europe's ancient ruins, the great wall of China!! anyway, great pics and not forgetting the wonderful narrative writing too.. :) :)
xixi 在 2007-02-25 15:53:43 说:

yep, china mobile is good and better than united communication.
can't believe u found mee goreng there!





roomie alina
team leader luo ren