Skiing at Long Jing Xia+ temple fair

As if hiking itself is not tough enough, we woke up at 5.30am the next day to go ski.On the day, it was very very very foggy. We cant see properly beyond 5 metres, and we were worried if the public buses are still moving, or was it even possible to ski.

LR looked up online and found etravel, where we bought our tickets to go skiing for a whole day. Surprisingly, buying ticket from the agency cost 120 yuan each while buying from the ski resort itself costs 300 yuan!!! Anyway we took another public bus up and then hired a van to ferry the 7 of us to the resort.

The girl next to me is Minglei, out senior.She was from the Gip batch 2 semesters ago, and she has now graduated and working in beijng, hilton hotel. Smhow dong managed to get in touch with her.Haiyah, he has a wide connection of networks.

anyway, we reached the resort which was pretty crowded

the ski equipments

 Claiming our tickets and dressing in our ski clothes.Yup, tt's Alina masquerading as Ang Ku kueh with her red windbreaker.

trust me, the ski clothes isn't easy to wear, or to pee in either.acks.And the shoes are like gundam styled shoes, since gundams arearmoured tt way, i now understand y they move so slow.cant even bend la can.

Group photo before we started skiing

ok we are all mostly beginners, except for minglei, n there were lots of tumbles

and fumbles

n most of us can ski, but cant brake, dan tan almost went thru the fence out of the cmpd until he decided to give up n fall on his side heheheh.He's the guy on the floor btw.But he made a nice roundoff with his final ski la

alina moving up the slope,skis in hand

me acting pro

then we decided to act seh n borrow a ski board from a girl.

tt's dong.he actually looked pro here.he's not bad, he can ski n brake hahaha.proof:

oh, n LR can ski too! he got the hang of it quite fast

then we decided to take a break n munch on buns

revitalised, we went back to conquer the slope.this time, some gg up on cables.

dong, minglei and tri heu sat the cable chair n went on to conquer higher slopes.so while waiting for our brave souls....we photowhore

tadaa the 4 musketeers

jackie n rosie from the titanic.

me n lr

cheers to minglei warrior no 1 who reached homebase.

we had a snow fight

then took photos, ou xiang u style

idiot dong crept in behind la!

2nd try,acting cute

the guys acting cute.CMI la, gorilla by the side how to cute

the 3 brothers feeling shagged


our ou xiang ju photo

an artistic photo tt i took sneakily

after tt, muscles aching and wet butts in tow due to multiple falls on the snow, we head back to central beijing for dim sum+ porridge at jin ding xuan again.N we had a fullfilling meal for 21 yuan aka 4 sing each! for this much food!

17th feb ( this is a missing entry.we went here after tiannamen) 

We slept in and went to the temple fair in the afternoon.The temple fair is abit similar to the fair we have at marina during chinese new year, more of a major funfair with lots of food, toys, games and performances

alina's missing here cos she took the pict

the trees grow lanterns here

see, soooooo may teddies ard!n the crowd OMG


the snakewomen.acks.i hate snakes

flutes for sale

traditional games

artisans makin dough figurines

alina's friend from beijing, tina came to meet us. Lr was the best dart shooter was given the job of shooting down the cans to get tina a pressie asshe treated us to games

the fake eyeore tt lr got hahahah for tina

to our surprise we found a speed-dating corner at the temples fair!! the guys getting all ready to chiong

all the application forms w photos!!! hahaha so cute!

in case y were wondering y only half of dan tan's face is in, it's cos the guy were trying to take the photo of the pretty girl sitting at the booth behind *ahem ahem AHEM* u think we girls don't know?but the girl was quit chio, i think she looked better in real life

fun with hats, we thought it were the hat for the emperor n the concubine, only too find out it was the hat for the eunuch and the palace maid -__-"

after the walk, it was the food!

tina treated us to their cha zhou and fried pig intestine

we treid smelly tofu which wasnt tt smelly after all

and the arabian kebab

look! osama migrated to sell satay in beijing!

all of us =)

shiao en 在 2007-02-27 19:33:01 说:

lantern-growing trees?!! i am amazed at how china has changed your understanding of nature. lol. awesome ski-trip! i'm going with the uni to the french alps for sking too in 2 weeks' time. then my turn to post pics! but your post certainly has fueled my excitement for the trip.. :)




roomie alina
team leader luo ren