beihai park + lou hei

Beihai park

we went to the famous beihai park to get a feel of how the emperor felt while he was strolling in what used to be his royal park..no a famous dating place.The park is pretty neverthless.

the hutongs next to the park

the evening sun was so pretty we decided to play ard and get some shots.i love my sepia mode. The ray of light was situated at a strategic position.

me teaching the guys to pose -_-"

sunset picture taken at the top of the dagoba by alina on my cam heh heh

the corridor on our way out

later on we went on to hou hai, the pretty arabian like pub place, and we went into Tin Tin. Each of us had a small bottle of heineken cos it costs cheaper as a package for 6.The 6 girls can't join us last min.alina;s missing co she was messing ard with the cam


The band was great.It consists of a black woman was who was the lead along with a mexican man and chinese drummer.I almost melted when she belted out Killing Me softly.


us monkeying around in the bar.Well, it is a very nice place to chill.got couches too.


The day next day we had our own homemade indonesian style lou hei at the 6 girls's place.Kristy go the recipe from her sis. Dan tan cut most of the veggies while kristy was trying to make plum sauce out of the haw jam she bought in a kitchen where the light bulb had just busted. LR was holding the torchlight for her. hahaha

well, it tasted pretty ok =)


lou hei!

then we went to have dinner at the nearby restaurant and to KTV after tt.

then on the 7th day of lunar new year, we decided to have a home cooked meal at the guy's place, since our kitchen cant cook as our cookring area is in an open area and we'll freeze. So off we go tot walmart to get our stuff, and dan tan the master chef, and alina and aj the assistants set off to work.and this is our masterpiece. yum yum pasta+broccoli+ freid prawns

 Dong finally got the new year decorations from sch and he hung them out happily on chu qi -_-"

 On Sunday, before most of us start work, we went to steak and eggs after much research online. It is an canadian restuarant and is pretty famous, was on cbc news and gazette front page. We met the boss paul who is also an gourmet chef and we chatted throughout the meal. Alina was so happy to tast authentic canadian food again finally.

our orders.club sandwich,fish and chips,Mine was beef and onions, pork cutlet.

He treated us to 2 doughnuts,and he said he was gg to sell them a week later, tim hortons donuts!see how happy alina is?

 so tt abt sum up what i did during the cny week.remember to update me abt urs k.

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