school started busy busy

ok....so sorry for the lack of updates! school started at tsinghua 3 weeks ago and i ahd a bout of bad food poisoning whichleft me with diarrhoea for 4 days but i am ok now appetite's back.just cant believe tt i downed sea urchin and starfish and nothing happened and the moment i eat seafood spaghetti at an italian restuarant i get the runs -_-"

oh yea, it snowed!!!!!! finally it was raining for 2 days then it predicted that there will be rain+ snow but no, it really snowed! but the snow at wdk ain't alot.here;s shangdi'( my work area) snow scene

 anyway, yep, tsinghua is one of the 2 top unis in china, besides peking uni. Think both of them are better than NUS even in ranking. Our indon fren tt we met? supposedly joined the physics oylmpics in switzerland for 4 times, representing indonesia, and is sought after by professors for tutoring in indon..and he chose tsinghua cos it's the best for chem-physics in asia..so there u go.Anyway, tsinghua is a beautiful school.better than smu, better than nus and ntu, like some old england.. and much bigger than either school. It was a school built for the chinese by the american in the times of the opium war as american asked for more compensation than they should...so the extra money was used to build a school.proof of the beautiful campus:

 one of the school buildings

the student hostels that looked like hdb flats, even more decent than ntu/nus hostels

 the guys on the fake soccer field made just for playing soccer in winter and stuff,tt's the hostels behind.

lr inside the old library..history of > 100 yrs. the library was soooooooo nice! some scrolls and textbooks were so old and in manuscript forms!

lake number 1, much better than ntu lake.

lake number 2 clear water!

guys posing at lake number 3

tsinghua can accomodate 3 eal big lakes...see how big it is?

us with our guides.she's a law MBA student w tsinghua.

us posing under the statue of confuscius.Did u know he had an english name called johnny? his actual chinese name is丘仲尼 i think hahah so johnny qiu lor

caught impromptu by LR at the exhibition area with our pose. alina suddenly got 3 hands?!

gip photo of dinner at tsinghua

proof tt spring is here: the cherry blossoms!

next up will be our excursion trips.look our for updates k! the blog is revived!



chinamama 在 2007-03-28 11:10:25 说:

=)at least u didn't blog 3 weeks of stuff into 1!!!!




roomie alina
team leader luo ren