ok, so our first sch excursion (like sm pri sch kids)was to the urban planning exhibition.not gg topost much photos up here abt it cos u probabaly wont understand or find the photos interesting unless u are here to see the 3d models and listen to the guide urself

next to it is the bijing railway

model of the whole of beijing

girl;s on the mattress in futuristic home

alina and i standing near the place we stay in the 3D model

ok this is weird, taken in the futuristic toilet model, lr is holding onto the toilet bowl happily, and adrian is lying on Dong in the bathtub and they look v happy..so what? futuristic=more gays?

gays are good.gay means happy anyway =)

after tt we went to see the hutongs at houhai, the place where they ahd all the pubs.if clarke quay is good, this is even better.uanimous agreement by all.but it's more pretty in the night than day.

the trishaw men wiating at the roadside to rbing ppl through the hutongs

the drawings on the wall of the hutongs

old man on a cute automated motorbike

a typical hutong with houses at the side

top; shiyi,shufen,ceci

bottom: char,me,alina

the lake at houhai

remember the photo where we stood on ice?


the bars at the street

inside one of the pubs..too dark too take pict but this turn out nicer

k next will be more abt forbidden city!





roomie alina
team leader luo ren