forbidden city

ok, so we went to forbidden city on another on out next excursion.was there in june when i came last year....thought it looked better in summer..less ppl too.but the photos we ahve now are more fun with more fun ppl =)

 the cheekpek at work.suddenly take pict with our teacher in charge frm tsinghua


entrance from the back door.see the moutain behind it? got kao shan good fengshui neh

 to the royal garden

the man-made 'hill' with a pavillion mde for the kings of the qing dynasty

the inside of the wedding room for the king

the roof.see the number of the creatures on the roof/ the higher the number the higher rank the person living inside is

the act-cute ppl

alina and daniel ...did u see THE eye in between? hahhahahaha the cheekopek wa so irritaed to see THE eye in between (well done lr!)

 eeyer why is Dan tan in all the picts? see who's more camera sensative?

the hall where the emperor sat during meetings and trials.see the guang ming da zhen sign written by emperor yongzheng?

Murals on the wall..

the first jumping shot, credits to luoren

the corridor

the floor tile that the emperor was carried over

the guys shaking their legs while on the wall.cant believe they are 24 yr old

the girls have their own space

the palace itself

jumping shot taken by PK, our gip mate with slr camera.he's damn pro la! professionalphotographer eh.gg to be in our next GIP promotional pict =) yahoo!!!

went to watch china opera after that...which surprisingly was very good.got subtitle so we can understand la.


the lady's good at catchign spears

the lovers

the nymph ( credits to PK)

the artists putting on makeup...credit to Pk again

on the tuesday after that we decided that our ahir's getting too messy so darling roomie and i went for haircut at this korean salon next to our place....and we both came out looking like.....korean -_-"  i finally cut my fringe...dunnow good or bad tho...i think i look like a kid hm...somone called me a xiao mei mei 0_0










roomie alina
team leader luo ren