Visit by provost and char's birthday

 The NTU provost aka acting head of ntu came to visit us on 17th march.He made housevisits(yep we cleaned our house for him haha) and we had a dinner at the restuarant we went to on the first day. 

 people at our table, front: me ceci shufen behind:shiyi,alina,mrs loh,charmaine,mary jie

the wdk girls with our provost, professor Er

me with darling roomie

all of us..same position same restuarant but all different somehow..missing one actually but let's leave it at that la huh.


March 20th--> charmaines's birthday!

first we order the chicken wings frm the west gate of tsinghua, tt's ceci and shufen opening the box of food yum!

we learnt paper cutting that day in class, here's my masterpiece..not very nice though but can see is a butterfly la huh

all of us with our most satisfied masterpiece =)

then we officially celebrated charmaine's birthday!!! happy 23rd girl!! so sorry abt the lack of candles!very nice pict of all the girls with birthday girl, credits to PK!!!


after that we went to eat at japane for dinner

the few of us at one corners...the table was too big to take a grp pict cos it was really cramped at the place

then we went clubbing at ZUB which is next to our house -_-" full of angmohs in the place


me and roomie


our drinks

all of us girls, it;s a girls' night out!

then the next say we met kristy's phillipino friend who is also studying at tsinghua.he's suppsoed to go church with alina..and we went ZHOU to eat haha

dong,alina,me,krity,Lou the phillipines guy and lee choon

chinamama 在 2007-04-04 09:32:58 说:

u call me darling!!!! =)




roomie alina
team leader luo ren