ssa dinner + lee choon's birthday

We were invited by the singapore students association for a dinner at a taiwanese restuarant at zhong guan cun, where we get to look at and know other singaporeans studying here in beijing.

first the SSA exco came up wiht a skit, singlish by all means =)

then came the dinner..fantastic! lots of veggie and fried rice with chai por!!! i miss kwey kueh =(

 jess claire shiting yiting+ mr cheekopek, i just realised all the girls here looked quite sweet

all the girls at our table at the hotels's.....nice toilet -_-"

mr cheekopek+mr peekaboo,no wonder such gd frens

us =) dong where art thou?!

then after that was school on that weekend.they call pineapples puo luo here, i hate pineapples, to the extent of not eating hawaiian pizza because they always bite my tongue, but the pineapples here are sooooooo sweeeeeettt i actually crave for them!

me and lr with our stick of pineapple.not enough sleep.i look stoned.alina clipped my currypuff fringe for me =)

finally!! 5 of us again at tsinghua, without the 3 little mountains (our private joke heh)

then, we went for dinner at xizhimen again, char,darling roomie,moi and shufen

me and lr on the bus,acting cool

saturday, we celebrated Lee choon's birthday! she lives with the other 5 girls and they bought her a really nice mousse chocolate cake

minglei, our senior from gip 2 batches ago, now working in hilton hotel beijing,with shiyi, our asst team leader

the guys with Lee Choon, flower surrounded by lots of withering grass hahaha

next up will be update on the xiangshan that we conquered!





roomie alina
team leader luo ren