finally! an entry diff frm alina's! haha she went shopping instead of climbing mountain, so i'll try to post more pict k cos i got no one to fall back on =p

ok on sunday, the 8 of us went to conquer the imperial garden,xiangshan aka fragrant mountain.....

adrian acting cool w walking stick

the building on the side when we were walking on the rounding path up


 the little pagoda on the other side of the mountain

kid we met on the way

reflection in the pond 

on the way up, the guys stopped for sooo long n we wondered why...only to find out they were trying to capture squirrels

me n lr amongst the cherry blossoms.err i was holding a haw-flavoured ice cream hur

lr acting ai mei...

the girls amongst the bamboos,aka 3 pandas see our dark circles

the place where the emperor tried to test out if his subjects are loyal

us all who went on trekking

the girls pretty pretty

the guys acting cool

nice shot of lr

then we decide to abandon the stairs and take the shortcut n treacherous way

at the top..we photowhore...n modelled for PK the photographer is in the mood for taking pictures

lr n pk

the 3 girls who went,happily sitting on mountain top

nice photo of shiyi

shufen in her most feminine pose

me in the pose pk arranged me in

us 2 amonsgt the blooming flowers

pk,finally caught on camera instead of taking pict of others

view from the top





roomie alina
team leader luo ren