Heartfelt message to everyone

This week, is officially my 3rd mth in Beijing. The other day Alina and I were saying that we seem to lead a second life here.

In this life, we live in conditions quite different from Singapore. In this life, we had a whole new circle of friends whom we don't know at all in singapore,but end up chums now. In this life here, Alina and i almost rely on each other as roommates and friends. In this life here, all my close friends doesn't seem to be around anymore. In this life here, no family to pamper me. In this life here, we seem to skip straight from dependence and still mummy's boy/girl, to independence and working life. In this life here, everything is familar, yet not so familiar.

And this way of life, will only last for 6-7 mths.What will life back in singapore like, we wonder? Will we go back to our own ways, or will the 2 lives merge into one another? Right now it seems hard to imagine.

I can't say i miss singapore that much, because i try not to think about it. It's sort of dangerous realm, because once you realise you miss home, that's about it, so i chose to forge forward and call my family once a week, and go ahead and have fun. I don't want to fall into a vicious cycle where i'll think of home everything little thing i do or see.

BUT that does not mean i don't miss any of you, or forgot any of you. so here goes.


Min: ok, so i was pretty touched after what i read on your blog. nope, i never thought tht u talking about other friends was 炫耀,and i think none of us feel that way la. 13 years and counting girl! who knows when we meet in primary one, that we'll still be close now?esp our makan trips =p hahaha I'm lucky to know you too, u bear with my crap and lame ard with me and all, and you are prob the friend whom my aunt is most familiar with! I miss u loads ok, and pls, never doubt yourself ok, cos i always have confidence in you.

zah: girl, you know how much i loveeeeeeee this photo, i even took it out of the photo album u gave me as a farewell gift and brought it here hahaha.  i miss you like how much i miss the sun. No kidding here man, i haven't really seen the sun for 3 mths, it's only starting to peep out recently. I miss east coast with you,miss simpang with you...all in all it feels weird without u. I'm always a sms, or an email away.you can sms me if you got anything and i'll wait for u on msn at night ok? muacks

xue: Girl!!! i found a magazine which featured Iker!!! hahaha eh so sad why u never emial me one sobz* but still i was glad to hear that you miss pubbing with me =) to hear that coming from a tight-mouthed person like you makes it extra precious. Balcony when we get back k! and i'll try to find iker poster..but no gurantees =p

Let: girl, u emailed me!!! so happy that u took initiative since i was the one always smsing u in sing! glad that i was able to attend ur 21st party before i came to beijing =) u never fail to make me collapse in laughter at your antics, miss gyming at bishan with you, and eating koishibo....let's do that when we get back k?( yes dun worry, i wont she bu de beijing till i don't come back de) miss ya k.

shiaoen: eh lady! u still reading my blog anot? haha this is the photo we took in bangkok remember? you are the excellent map reader and i am the road asker hahaha how are you doing in UK?Are u skiing in the Alps now? I know u were having your exams.so sorry for my slow replies yea, have been quite busy here.meet up when u get back k,so much to talk about everytime we meet!!!

jaynie, nicholas and amal! thanks for taking the time to send me off!

jaynie: thanks for your parcel, love it soooo much! sometimes it seem sad that we had drifted apart, but things happened the way it is, it's good to see that you are having fun at smu now,with a bunch of friends that love you. I'm always a sms away, and to just want to tell you; girl, thanks for being my friend =)

nic: hm...except for commenting that u look like jet li when u smile...i really got nothing to say to u leh

amal:ah, you.as crazy and as pretty as ever. what " hm, you 2 look like a couple -_-"' hahah.miss u girl. meet up for simpang when i get back huh!

zhuangzi! to my suprise i actually got a photo of both of us! dun say i forgot you ah. was quite pleasantly surprised when u emailed me now and then, cos i always forgot to reply, and in sing i was the one nagging at you to email to ppl hm..so i gather now must be u ord alr, very free and bored right? haha go back alr u must teach me sand my gundam k.and u still owe me my bdae present.acks.


to my family.I love you all, and miss you all very very much =)


eemin 在 2007-04-18 21:09:53 说:

i realise i read the entry replied u via msn but never comment... well.

ahem forgive the absent-minded me. hope by the time ur back i wont get lao ren chi dai zheng.

yap anyway, u noe i noe lah. *muacks* friends foreva! (remind me of pri sch autographs. but this is different from kiddo times le haha)
chinamama 在 2007-04-18 15:59:39 说:

u made me miss home
jayne 在 2007-04-17 00:36:59 说:

hey dear, you're right i think we drifted but i hope you know you're still very impt to me :) one of those friends that i still hold close to my heart for all the times we've shared and emo-talked and all. take good care of yourself and i'm glad you're having a really good time in bj :)

love love! heart&hugs
shiao en 在 2007-04-13 17:54:00 说:

heeey, i sent you an email when i got back from my travel adventure but nv got reply. did i send to the wrong email again? i've put up pics on my blog. i left again after a week and just came back yesterday from my conference at wales. wonderful time! the easter hols been busy that's why you've heard so little from me. so touched to see my name on your blog! we definitely must must must catch up in summer. :)




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