tia tan + andrea's birthday

On our way to tian tan, we celebrated andrea's 24th birthday!

tt's adrain holding the cake, he was trying to balance on the bus -_-", dong's peeping out fmr him, and lr i blocked by camera

andrea with his whoo-hoo face

the guys at the back of the bus minus dong n pk n adrian

dearie roomie and i on bus

tian tan is now a park for old people.alot of locals buy a yearly pass adn go there for daily walks or exercises.smtimes i think the old ppl here have more life and seem more lively too

the first attraction of tian tan, where the emperor prayed for harvest

photo taken by pk of the guys jumping.the guys is looking frm behind like they are mad hur hur hur

one of the side temples at the side,showing the tablets of sun moon star which the emperor prayed to

the inside of one of the halls

a failed jumping hot by the girls because too many people

the guys standing on the middle path, that represents the path of the deity walking to heaven.they are trying to be funny so they try to face heaven

at the echo wall where the emperor talked to his gods

at the place where the emperor prayed to the gods

the wdk girls with our teacher in charge

alina and lr

me and dan tan, lame buddy doing lame pose

this korean kids were there visiting on a sch excursion to beijing, and dan tan who thinks he looks like a korean ahd to chap in the photo.let's play the spot the fake korean game hur hur hur

there's this girl with a cute maks and dan tan had to go kajiao her, and she had no reason why.she was so embrarrassed she yelped and ran away after the pict was taken

me and lr on the way out

nice photo ofpk taken by alina

after that was a acrobatic show which was pretty good, not those gimmick kinds

after the show we decided to try club at babyface, my 2nd time!

alina doing the bogey woogie

all of us minus alina dantan shufen and char





roomie alina
team leader luo ren