On the 11th , LR and i applied for leave to make our VISAs. After the hassle of application, we ended at around 3+, and decided that we should go to Yonghegong, which is a very famous local lama temple, to look see look see, esp since we cant go back office because by the time we reach our office, we wld have to knock off alr.

it's crowded

So first lr bought the tics

then on the way in, we thought we saw the name of a buddha that was very similar to mine, but it's Ajia, me is aijia heh

the path we walked in to go inot the centre of temple

LR lighting the joss sticks

the row of temples

me stnding under the hai tang flowers

us turning the bell thinggie

me in the museum of the history of the lama temples and religion

atistic shot taken by lr of the lama monk

one of the temples

this funny tree is called the drago-calw tree, cos it look like claws duh haha i was trying to catch the young lama..can u spot him? =p


finally US =)





chinamama 在 2007-04-25 16:10:37 说:

girl!!! its speedy gonzalez!!!!!!!

a mexican fellow girl.. OMGOSH..
shiao en 在 2007-04-23 07:45:14 说:

i like the last photo best. heh. u better email me soon or i'm gonna get angry.. ;)




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