yunnan dinner,excursion to steel factory.

Luoren's colleague, yanxin had been friends with many previous GIP batches,and he's been wanting to bring us to eat yunnan food (he's frm yunnan)cos the one lr and i ate was not nice, and he thot he shld bring us to the authentic one.

at first when we went in, the smell was abit weird, but the food was yummy! the restaurent we went to belong to the Dai tribe (one of the 55 minorities), their mother tongue is abit like thai.

yanxin ordering dishes


alina and dan tan trapped outside!

me and lr posing with chopsticks

ourr food.yanxin ordered so much out table was flooded la!he even order each of us one bowl of noodles! and hepaid for it wihout us knowing lo!felt so bad la!


all of us full and contented after the meal,lr,yanxin,me,dan,alina


next was the excursion on fri to the steel factory, which is one of the local enterprises that pushes the chinese economy. The Shou gang steel industry factory.

firstly,alina french braid our hair for us!!! me and charmaine, alina's masterpieces! come to think of it, charmaine do look alittle bit cheena here hm....

tt's the guys in the bus

me and dearie roomie

the museum in the factory


lr with Pk's slr camera...wah made me v gian. i like slr cameras [email protected] haven touch one for so long!

then all of us had to weat helmet to go into the smelt area, tt's alina and i looking comical with the construction worker's cap


the 2 daniels trying to act like construction workers


the machines and melting steel


lr trying to act gay while i was taking the pictures.sigh.he actually looked pretty here omg.


then we went to another part of the fctory, where we eatch the workers frm an enclosed area.even then, we still feel the heat,cant imagine what the workers ahve to go through.we even saw them flinging chunks into the heater la.acks.

after that we went to this lake which was a replica,and we saw this sigh with bad english.it sounds....wrong -_-'

and of course, how can the girls stay one side when the guys are taking pictures?


making steel is hard business.people, go kiss the steel poles u see in the toilet now.go!

bus brought us all back to wudaokou, and majority of the class went to eat the korean hotpot near our place for dinner =) alina ceci and dan went to eat big pizza tho, so no alina=no cam=no pict of food..so pardon me la huh

it was good, not oily! and the sauce was niceeeee.tt's PK and siquan with the food!


ok next update on Ba Da chu ( the mountain with 8 great areas, mostly temples)





roomie alina
team leader luo ren