ba da chu

On sat after lesson, we went to eat porridge and play pool




btw i act seh only, my pooling skills is cui one.Then later on, we went to xiushui jie.see dan tan learning to pose like the woman in the bra ad -_-" so qiao ah him.see the letters on his shirt?it says sissy ( tsk tsk hgaha actually it's stussy)

tt's dan and dong looking v sian on the train.see the bags they carry..so gayyy!!.... cos tt's the girls' bag haha

and alina, who put on layers and layers of clothes tt make her look soooo muscular silly girl la u! where got ppl wear t shirt on outermost layer one! =p

ok Next day was sunday, the day we go on the trip we organised to ba da chu.It is like an imperial garden on a mountain, dedicated to lama temples and buddhist temples, which was frequented by the ming and qing dynasty emperors, so there are 8 main areas on the mountain and temples that we are supposed to visit.

lr and i on train

our van of poeple, tri heu, andrea and PK the cool dude behind

ppl selling flowers and josssticks on the roadside

people hitting the drum with the fu sigh for prosperity

the pagoda in area 2, which is a buddhist site

the lamas praying

the sculpture abt buddhist scriptures on the wall, all the way from sri lanka

us figuring out the joss sticks and stuff at the temple where ppl make wishes

then on the way out, we say a roadside of funfair

the guys cldn't resist , the lifted the gun and.....played -_-". tt's siquan holding the gun btw.

us girls posing at the sign on the way to the fourth area

temple at the 4th area,with the coil of josssticks hanging ard

 all the girls who went, resting on the swings,shot credits to PK

a the fifth area, we saw a tree with many laterns hanging on it.ppl write their prayers/wishes on the laterns and throw it onto the tree, hoping for it to come true.the higher u managed to hang the better


Lr acting cheeky at the sign of qing qu yuan, must be thinking some funny thoughts -_-" u know i know.

the people playing at the pond, things tt u dun see often in singapore

at the 6th area, me trying to throw a coin onto the frog in the middle of another pond, with claire looking on

yiting, shiting and pjk resting on the bench.Pk's eating chips again! He ate 7 eggs tt day.mad guy.All the proteins he get.no wonder big and strong.heh heh

me on the centre of the path that we climbed to get to the 7th area

lr, caught by me on camera

artisitc shot taken by lr =) jess,yiting,adrian

Ok so we reached the 7th area

Finally we reac the 8th area, and visited the famous temple that is located in a cave, it was damn cool la, and it asn;t scary.in fact it was quite serene

we lcimbed further up, and we were captivated by the view from the top.beijing city spead out before us,

we decided to take the more ulu path down instead of the steps, and see what we can find...to our surpise we found a valley of at literary pieces carved on stones by the royals and official of the past!

a close up of one of the name carvings on a stone

us sitting on a stone in front of a big stone carving of horses and names

us sitting in a cave,credits to lr n pk

 lr, siquan and pk doing the thousand handed buddha pose


and upon exiting, we realised it is called the valley of chinese ancient stamps


we proceeded to go to the 1st area, which we bypassed.


the temple was close so we went behind to explore.lr saw me adn think i look like a panda due to the lack of sleep the prev night, and asked me to pose amongst the bamboos

the guys doing pull ups on the trees

the girls acting cute! okok...uh they are cute hehe

us posing as the 18 arhats heh


playing the bamboo dance thinggie with our sticks.tt's eli jumping

pk asked us to take a couple shot amongst the flowers on the way down =) thanks pk!

pls feel free to leave a tag if u read my blog! i sort of lost count who;s reading and who's not

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jh 在 2007-05-01 02:57:03 说:

hahahaha i knew it!!! can tell lor from e start... now waiting for alina and the who only... or is it already....................

eh u must tell me ok! alina always denies everything. but ok lah, i believe her. maybe they need u and lr's help. :P
Letch 在 2007-04-30 10:33:13 说:

hey babe!!!
finally i'm online and i have been reading ur blog! hehe... so i noe someone's attached le. altho i very slow la
anw, got ur sms! so cute! thx a lot dearie! i'm almost done with my exams and i oso found nice looking place for us to go eat dim sum! on me! yahoo! so hurry back! hope to hear more abt ur trip from u directly! enjoy urself girl! =)
zah 在 2007-04-29 22:58:33 说:

i just discovered that your blog is tag-able! reading chinese isn't exactly my forte, i guess haha.

anyway, the last photo of you and lr looks very good (:

eemin 在 2007-04-28 22:35:40 说:

i got read i got read! *singerlish*
hope to see ya soon leh~
in the meantime... i shall go back to my books (T-T)
ting 在 2007-04-28 06:50:49 说:

aj! heehee..nv share good news with us.. so happy for u! tell us more when we meet! :) anyway, enjoy your remaining weeks in china k? i'm going back already :(




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team leader luo ren