Ming Tombs

in case u r wondering, here's what a beijing public bus look like, it's nice la.even more decents than malaysia's


walking in the long road to chang ling

buying dried fruits on the way in.dried kiwi is good!

daniel trying to fake off as a kid.actually he no need fake.he is a kid trapped inside a hum-sup man.

us ganag under the hai tang flowers

lr's artistic shot of bee and flowers

some of the dug-out artifacts  from the tombs on display, which are replicas

 can u see my reflection?

statue of emperor zhu di

alina caught in action by me!

The chang Ling.the actual tomb of Zhu Di is in a mountain behind this strutcure.

me and roomie alina on the way up the tower

the front view of the palce

me and alina on top of the building, the mountain behind us

all the girls

alina and my model shoot, spotted by photgrpahic eye of lr hehe

picture taken by me of the rest

zoom in on my gang

mtv shot of lr and dong

sole of daniel cos he was too big to fit w the others (oops) muscular i mean

us 2

daneil tried to propose to alina but was snubbbbbed

impoptu shot of me and lr

the sides of the side palaces

we were boreed....so we did the buddha pose

on to the ding ling,undergrd tomb, smhow there are alot of white stuff tt look like cotton flying abt,so the DS decide to act matrix

us osing outside the entrance to tomb

hm..ok.confirmed.lr taller.

wall before we enter

alina and daniel pretending to climb the rubbles

oh, our canadian frens ed, korean guy, and kurt joined us in the tour

entering the emperor's undergrd tomb

the replicas of the coffins of the emperor and his 2 empresses + offerings

dearie and i photowhoring

the rest of the ppl, the 6 girls, st,yt,kris,claire,shiyi-triheu

ou of the undergrd

because alina snubbed dan, they merged inot a FIGHT

then we clibed up the 2nd tower and see the view

kristy and i

artistic shot od the Ds frm lr's reflective shades

i took a secret shot of the girls looking out whichv turned out pretty good1

road out

me trying to act cute

actuyally ming tombs ain't tt great.well preserved yes, great site yes, but all fakes, all replica items.far cry from qing tombs, not as majestic but mure more authentic when i went ast june.so small suggestion frm me.





roomie alina
team leader luo ren