Introduction of our meals in beijing

foodie as i was back in sing, cruising for food with min and zah and let, and drinks with xue, this is a must.

 In case my parents and close friends wonder what i eat, i shall just summarise all in one entry over here, some of the food we cooked and eat.

 1) Favourite Hangout at WDK --Japane

beside our fav salmon porridge and ramen


,these are the new finds!

Alina's fav egg omelette

my fav kimchi hotpot

Cheese potatoes..make u damn cheesy


Next, we discovered a authentic indian restaurant!! Ganges at WDK

Nice cosy place

naan, garliem, butter and onion falboured,closest we can get to prata

chicken and mutton curry

chicken biryani

masala tea!

ceci and char cosying at the nice ganges

me, with my 2 most important people in beijing =)

Ok, sometime we go western too, then we go eat Big Pizza, at the price of 8 sing each. food's not bad, and chicken wings rocks, it disappars evertime it's emptied into the tray. tt's the food for 5 of us.

or we go Together restaurant, where the chio waitress has fantstic memory.Food definitely good here, tho abit ex.

guys posing outside the place

Then, smtimes we go high class,better food a little, 12 sing each, for japanese buffet at a condo in XIushui.Fresh fish,geat food, great palce.

And of course, smtimes when we got the time and mood, we cook too.

Jayne! the chcicken rice sauce u sent was great!!!1 our chicken rice smelt like the real thing la!!!!! PRIMA TASTE ROCKS! Thanks jaynie!!!!!


Us on our way to sihuidong the guy's place to cook.tt's daniel beanie i'm wearing btw.

our food! chicken rice +food+brocolli!

yaya, wdk_shd

and one random pict of the entrance to tsinghua, taken by lr.nice view yea









roomie alina
team leader luo ren