Juyongguan--tourist section of great wall

fri: School excursion to juyongguan, the tourist section of the great wall besides badaling!

well, the great wall here is prety well maintained and relatively crowded comapred to simatai...scenery was not bad but not as great as simatai too

triheu,ceci,dan tan,dong,alina,me, lr missing cos he taking the photo

apparently ppl tie locks on the chain here, for lovers and for good luck.however tha authentic thing is in Xi an tho..on hua shan which we went during the labour hols.tt's me and lr's hand, trying to form a frame.forgive me if the heart looks distorted, i;ve got shorter fingers than him mah -_-

view frm midtop

peeping out frm the beacon

lr's silhoutte

lr, with char and shufen engulfed by light

me climbing down

dong,alina,dt resting at one of the beacons

me and lr

siquan's act seh shot

nice shot tt i took of my roomie =) i like t when she dress like tt

ceci,dt and alian acting like they are sinking

pk taking photo of his gf, who came to visit him frm singapore

view from the top

lr's shot of me sitting on the wall

 lr and adrian's symmetrical jumping shot

th,dt,ceci and alina acting like chinese monks

the SHD boys acting cool like MTV


they can try, but they cannot beat the SHD muahahahhahaha ok tt was lame

this fav shot of alina's, taken by lr, captured the moment

sat:tsinghua campus after our lessons


main form of transport everywhere here beside shuttlebus, u cycle cos the campus is too biggg

if u really want to know, yes it is much nicer than both ntu and nus, even smu because the surroundings are historical+modern merged into one,with natural greeneries, not fakie like sing's

woman selling goods at roadside.most prb frm the village.

some photos of the sushi buffet tt i nv post, and the photos of us at jessica's bday celebration after tt!

alina and dong








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roomie alina
team leader luo ren