During the labour days hols, ( 1 week here in china), we went to Xi' An! u knw the place where suppsoedly china's history ...where qin dynasty started and where the terracotta armies are. But roomie alina din come along cos she was bringing her family around in beijing...so i'll try my best to blog as much as possible abt our trip

day 1

the beijing west train station

us with our train tic and backpacks

the trains platform

boarding the train

our bunkroom.Suprisingly, the bunk is very clean, and the sheets is clean and security patrol is frequent.So we actually had a very good sleep, lest the boys who took turns to stay up the whole night to guard our stuff, just in case.Thanks guys! SHD boys rocks ok!

Us =)

the Ds hyper and looking brown.way to go, i like brown heh

Reaching Xi'An 12 hours later

Never travel during the golden week i tell u.Damn crowded.Min u'll hate it la!

ta-daaa welcome to city of xi'an

After breakfast, first trip was to see the terracottas, on the way, we saw this statue tt supposedly represent one of the local heros

The entrance to the museum of the Emperor qin's tomb.

dt posing w fake terracotta

Since the real tomb is not excavated ( found alr, but apparently ourpresent technology cant excavate and preserve the relics, so a replica model is made for the tomb)

cool photo of dong,next to the staue of one of emperor's qin's sons

Me with lr on Bus while we were caught in Jam, on our way to see the terracotta which is located to the west fo  the tombsite

Finally reached the terracotta site! see the mountains? tt's because emperors are conscious abt fengshui, and moutains means got kao shan so good fengshui

Dong doing his hip and the hop!

our tickets

first went to the introduction museum

Here's the sign showing that it's one of the world's reknowned relics

One of the sundial made in the qin dynasty, apparently, it is quite advanced already, for it's age

 On to see the terracotta army, real ones this time!

our attempts to try to take us in with the terracottas -_-"

ceci, me, dt, dong

shd boys

One interesting fact about them, they are all different, and made accrordingly to the real army frm Qin, because the emperor is scared of death and want his army to protect him.

fact 2: each army has diff hairstyles and moustache, and face

fact 3: each figure is between 170cm-190cm, weighing frm 100-150kg, becausethe emperor is a tall man, so the army must be tall too

Pit 1

i love the horses, they looked so majestic, and were beautifully made.qin dynasty is where pottery and sculpting skills flourished. The armies are laid out in some form of formation, made ready for battle.

me with the armies

and this is the crowd.omg.we squeezed like mad.

Pit 2

partially excavated, mostly the terracotta are in ruin

as u can see, it was orginally coloured, until it was dug out and exposed to air.


hence on to Pit 3 which was almost not excavated/excavation in progress because the scientists are looking for ways to excavate w/o corroding the relics.

Us all, posing in front of the sign


after that, lr and i went to vist the place where Yang Gui Fei, one fo the famous concubines, had her bath aka the sauna and spa of olden times. The rest of our gang stayed in the bus.

staue of yang guifei..she is half nude *gasp*

the tower where she likes to rest and look out from after her bath

the place where yang guifei had her bath. her bathhole was built for her specially by the emperor, rare for concubines in tang dynasty

yea it's dry, until water is released in.supposedly spring water frm the mountains nearby

us in front of the bath pool for crown princes

entrance to the living quarters, area where chan kai shek hid

their room and marriage photo of song qinling and chan kai shek


the bullet holes from the revolution after qing dynasty was pushed over still remained the in building

beautiful sunset


For dinne, we went to the muslim street near Zhong lou to eat.

us minus dong who was taking pict

eating at a muslim reasturant, the noodles+ satay

after eating we want to digest food so we went to look see look see along the whole street

ceci bargaining

and try some of their local delicacies.I drank the plum juice, and ceci tried their version of cheng teng, which actually tatse quite sweet with some herbs and preserved pear!

The muslim ppl here are all damn good looker.some looked mixde..like angmohish...guess they frm xinjiang..just look at the chen teng selling siblings

ok photo din do them justice, but the were both stunning head turners

the nightview...damn fun.i like.

and guess what! i saw women wearing tudungs!

haha amal no worries nothing to eat in china k..got alot of muslim communities one hahah! proof!

ok more coming up.stay tuned!



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yay! are u proud of me?
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Very detailed post!!!




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