Huashan Part 1--going up hua shan

We woke up at 5.30 am in the morning, to go up to Hua shan, one of the 5 famous moutains in china. It is one of the steepest with lost of cliffs. And you cna only experience it when u are there, it's like as we weave through the roads, we were overwhemled by the majestic mountains, and the odd angles and cliffs, it;s so hard to describe.

Eating breakfast the chinese way,tt's ceci modelling

then they brought us to a bulding opp tt sells medicine, the cuckoo doctor that is supposed to be damn shen ,prob is none of us here believed him *shrugs

next we proceeded to the waiting area to go cable car area by shuttle bus

The lonnnnnnnnnnnng queue, queued till 10am -_-"

Us on the shuttle bus to the cable car area, fianlly!

on the way in

us finally cable area

queued till 12.50 for the cable car -_-


the cable car was joint venture by the chinese and singapore authorities! look singapore flag! mari kita


meanwhile when u are bored, u do silly things.

oh cute policemen that we spotted heh

view frm the cable car

yay! on moutain le!

finally at the north peak.we nd to climb up the walls tt is almost vertical to get to the rest of the mountains


Us at this mountain with the words carving,showing the place when this guy xiang smthing saved his mother who was a fairy trapped under a  mountain...bao lian teng that show

Dong posing..he looks very boy boy here leh!


lr dearie

Dt the Pineapple hero of the day because he flared up at ppl who jumped queue at the cable car area and other chinese tourists came to shake his hand and praised him hur.y pineapple? look at his hair


at the East peak, Dt was lying on the floor to take photos of us, w ceci as the woman behind the man

me dong lr

trapped between the mountain walls!

climbing on ....coming up next entry is the quest to lock lovers lock on the lover's chain =p

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