climbing Huashan part 2

Ok after climbing for a while,  

we thought that maybe we ahve no time to go to tt particular famous peak to lock the lovers lock, we were climbing halfway and we almost locked the locks at the chain ard tthis cave with a beautiful viw...tt is lr's silhoutte btw

UNTIL we smelt smthing funny ......and we saw a pile of shit.yep.so we moved on with new zest hahaha

finally reaching!

finally the lover's lane!

Dt looking , with ceci

the 3 boys

there, the fruit of our labour

thanks DT, DONG and CECI for urgins us to go on, and to coming with us all the way to the lane, even though we were running out of time, and we cld have gone to xifeng straight..appreciate alot guys!

It was nearly 3 and we wanted to head back down when we met this other big family from our tour grp...and we decided to conquer the most beautiful peak,..the Xifeng

a building built on top of rocks, for resting

on the way we passed by a hotel that leads to the xi feng

me n ceci

climbing frm steps....

to paths....

approaching the west peak aka xifeng, we saw a flat area and we decided to do jumping shots

Dong and Dt's handstand

nice pict of ceci taken by LR

on the way up we saw a cave temple, and DT went to pray

Dt and ceci

me and lr on the balcony

climbing up the slope

yay reaching xifeng!

golden moneky dt climbing down a stone carved with words

photo of me taken by luoren, of me standing nxt to pine tree



and we had to each take our individual Profile shot at the best view

superhero Dong

Boss LR

puo luo head DT

Lionhead Ceci


chao ta bao me

Dt's jumping shot

dong's seh shot

LR's starjump

dong and ceci with the sign XI feng!!!!

part 3: Trapped On Mountain Huashan

We started moving down as we were late

we met an old man carrying gas to the hotel up the mountain..and he was singing a song, to his kids abt how he cant be with them cos he had to deliver gas..quite nice.dong videoed him.

On the way back down, we suddenly realise that there's alot of people, more than when we were climbing up.Uh-oh no 1.

and guess what! Dong met his singaporean friend when we were coming down!!!coincidental!

 and we saw the sun...setting..which was a beautiful sight of course, but it doens;t look as funny when u are stuck on the mountain

then we saw the looooooooooooooooong quque for the cable car, like from afar!

tt was our uh-oh number 2, because the police refused to let us climbed down too, so we were stuck in the middle, either queue till 10pm for the cablecar, or stay and wait until goodness knows when then polcie will open barrier to let us climb down.so we chose to take the queue..but it was soooooo long.

 Lr managed to find a path so we went to cut around the queue to the front in front of the barrier set up by the police..where we saw this -_-", and these ppl were only the ones closed by this one barrier, can u imagine if there are many barriers set up, how many ppl were trapped?

And then we were so scared we became like this

yea ever saw a puo luo so scared tt he'll be eaten tt his hair actually stand?

the police was damn inefficient, but they are doing their best and being xtra caring to elderlys and kids as u can see frm the pict

but then night falls..and ppl started chanting and scolding the police, and pushing, which was scary.But they eventually got tired an quietened down, and meanwhile... we were of course having fun making our own videos heh..but it got even darker and we din bring our thick jackets and we were wearing shorts..so we start to feel v cold....

his smile became forced

as we finally get to walk down to the cable car staion....we passed by this...

ppl were so pissed they threw their gloves and formed it into a pattern on the mountain wall

and after being trapped for 6 hrs on the mountain, we were finally down and safely back on the coach back to the hotel.argh.damn tired.we even skipped dinner.

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eh, the lovers lock is super sweet la!!!
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