4th and last day in xi an

Early in the morning we ate packed food for breakfast,like real true blue cheena man.

yogurt drink,eggs and sausages

then we proceeded to the war gates, tt surrounded the old palace.xian was the capital in the early times, and it had the most well preserved walls.


then we were brought in for fengshui lessons

after that we explored the walls, and we came across a soldier! and all of us went gaga over him

dt and dong with the soldier...see the soldier was abt to slaughter them then dong bravelystopped him by putting his hand on the sword hm....or was it nt the sword hm....

then we explored the structures used in the olden days to defend the wall frm attacks

lr posing with the cannon


 dt , lr, dong with the steps.dong's playing dead


me trying to kick the puo luo's ass while psin next to the fireball thrower...


me and lr on cannon

gee did all those remind you of weapons used in a show?LORd of the rings! go see lotr 2 man..exactly same weaons used..so now we know where their inspiration comes frm

 us posing in front of the bell, trying to act a the pixiu, one of the mytical creatures, with a big mouth and big butt

big mouth here

big butt here sideview

ceci and dt carrying dong onsedan..look at ceci's face..time to cut down on beer dong =p

of course..how can we resist jumping shots?

lr's cool shot

dong and dt's seh shot

our....erm..cui shot hahahaha


couple jump =)

the guys acting cool like F4

then we founda  truck and decided to play cool

the calender girls and boys


the shd boys


the calender girls


later one we were brought to  park to eat the famous muslim xinjiang dish called of mutton and soaked bread bits for lunch .the meals was good..they starved us 2 days to stuff us -_-" like turkeys

the table full of food (alina...just for u heh)

and then we walked ard the park cos it was an hr to the water fountain display

us resting on the rocks i the shade.it was 37 degrees!

the famous pagoda in the park


yay water fountain performance

me and ceci

eeeeeeeekkkkkkkssss perverts! guy peeing..look projectile motion man!

mr cheekopek

the guys playing symphony to the display

after that we took the bus back to the train station to get ready for out train ride back to bj

photo taken w our xi'an tour guide

sunset on the train...6 hrs to bj

bj sweet bj..no beats our small apartment back in bj, no matter how shitty it is






min 在 2007-06-13 10:08:35 说:

the sausages were our favourite during our sec 3 trip to china haha!
aLiNa 在 2007-06-12 11:35:47 说:

dong's hair looked so flat!! haha..




roomie alina
team leader luo ren