aviators+ yuanming yuan

all of us bought fakie rayban aviators and made degrees with it , and we have our 5 musketeers wearing raybans to school!

me n roomie,the 2 superwomen


us 4..dt was gyming

me n lr,i was wearing contacts haha

the next day, our guys decided to go superheros too!

our superman changing in a not so private phone booth

transformer directing the traffic (??!!!)

spiderman scaling the pole

superheros unite!

after lesson on sunday, while the rest fo the gang decided to go Zoo to shop, lr and i went to yuan ming yuan, which is another royal garden, but was destroyed by the french-england allis army during the opium war,now the remnants have became a park

the entrance

the first lake we saw

the 2nd lake we saw


the 3rd lake we saw,artistic  photo taken by lr

 i love the place..to me i think it is nicer n more authentic than summer palace because it is less commercialised.then we decided to take a small path in the small forest ...

then we climbed some stones and saw some nice flowers


eating ice cream


then we went to the european palaces garden , where french ambassadors helped the emperor build a small europe..replicating babylon etc, and it was detroyed by the french-uk alliance during the opium war


me resting on a ruin piece


the heart of the european ruins palaces 


me standing on one of the broken marble stones

lr posing


us in front of one the artefact pieces that we liked the most .for a while, we felt like we were in a greece-alike place

" babylon"


look at the sky  


lr in black and white mode

me turning back while gg out of the europeans palaces

 then we walked out and went t the fu hai area and came upon another lake,wher lr came up with this idea of photo taking which turned out quite nice

and lr discovered that he brought the mini kites we bought in xi an..so we decided to fly kite literally

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summer palace

sch excurion to summer palace,one fo the formal royal gardens where the roylaty go to avoid the summer heat

the royalties loves rocks tat resembles some kind of shape,and the stone must have alot of holes.ythei ston e here was shipped from far away and it resembles a human head

lr and DT posing

all of us minus the fangzhuang boys

view of the summer palace frm afar

the hall where the emperor used to meet guests

after a while we decided tio visit the pagoda where the empress cixi held her birthday celebration

dt and dong's jumping shot inside the place...

the corridor leading to the place

as we climbed up to the top of the pagoda lr took this shot.i love it so much la! alina looked so ncie here...minus the paiur oif feet at the top -_-"

then  it rained and i was sick so roomie chinamama insisted that we carry umbrella =)

then we came across a mountain of stones and we decided to pose mtv style

and the guys decided to relive their army days

view from the top

 me and lr

the structures

then we climbed down and took a boat ride to the exit

we ended up at a little island opp the summer palace

walk to the exit on the birdge from the little island that we ended on

and then a random beauitfiul rose that bwe spotted on the way






roomie alina
team leader luo ren