we decided to go badaling to visit the wild life at the beijing safari

first we woke up early to eat mac breakfast

then dong felt guilty and did push ups on the train haha kidding la


we went to de sheng men to take bus, and we finally reached the safari after 1.5 hrs



our tixs

we saw a lassie dog!!

we boarded a bus wher4eby we were commanded to keep the wndows closed at all times..lest for our safety concerns

first animal we saw was the white tiger

then a wild boar

the safari was located along a stretch of the great wall

so u might probably meet a lion while u were climbing along great wall.at times like this, try not to think about lamb chops

then we met a moping black bear

and we saw a sleeping wolf

then we saw lions lazing ard

and suddenly, we became aware of like live chckens on the bus..then we realised.....

that the chicken were panicking n the lions were all suddenly moving towards us -_-" 

and our guide threw one of them to one of the lions, and poof..live chicken cant fly anymore

as we moved one we saw a wall like thing w ppl standing on it...apprarently sm ang moh bought a sheep frm the zoo...we got this bad feeling

then we saw the guy flinging this live sheep which is struggling....and he just dropped it 0_0

and the sheep disappeared n the midst of hungry lions

and this lion got victory n ran away w a furry piece

ok moving on to happier things, we saw a cute sun bear sittng like a baby!

and the bengali tiger!

then the bus stopped and asked us to take a walk through the rest of the safari where we can nteract w mild animals and are kept frm dangerous ones

first a cuckoo camel

first docile animal,mr giraffe

and then we saw stairs tt led onto the wall, we boarded the stairs and this is the sight tt greeted us

man tying chickens to strings....

and he teased the lions with them chickens.man this guy gonna get some reallly bad karma w chicken man

then we heard some sounds...and caught the lions lovemaking

so the life of a lion= food+lovemaking ( see the red circles)

we decided to leave the sadist guy and bumped into ostriches


and cheetahs

and black panther

uh actually, it's panther w bad breath

oh and vjc guys remember lynx? well this, is how a lynx looked like. Mind you, it is one fierce animal

then we saw cute rabbits


and we were mightily amused by a merry go round made up of real horses -_-"


otters bathing n the waters


pelican couple


and dt had to chase after swans -_-


and we saw foxes which looked pretty cute and innocent

we bumped into a bambi deer as we progressed and fed it carrots

i saw my horsie prince charming admist many

we saw a albino peacock

 a weird animal tt i forgot the name

and we fed lambs

and saw post pregnant golden monkeys

end of safari..us at the top =)

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roomie alina
team leader luo ren