3rd mth anniversary

I met LR after work and he brought me to the friendship restaurant

we had been there before, and it looked pretty romantic and cosy so...here we are again!

our food in heart shaped plates!

lr with his cabonara


me with my bolognese


and he surprised me with a bouquet of roses! 


along with others small things.. =)

<3 to u my dear.., thanks for all u had given ....happy 3rd mths!

way to work

 This is how our workplace look like in summer....less dreary than winter of course

here r the motors who waited outside the mrt everyday, they charge 5 rmb for each ride to smwhere near for the lazybum who dun want to walk

most of the locals cycle to work

the road we walked  everyday

blue sky at zhongguancun

me and mr walking to work partner aka dear


visit to capitalland and their svs


One of the excursions tt our sch led us to was Singapore's beijing capitalland office , the outside looks exactly the same as singapore's!

giving us the talk

visiting their service apartments which were so fantastically beautiful

the living room

the kitchen

the bedroom!


the girls lazing ard in the lounge


dong in gym

after tt we went to ahd dinner at SHabu Shabu which, is like hotpot, the bowl next to it contains sesame sauce whih is yummilicious!

ceci within the smoke,looking dao girl =p

dt and ceci w our mug of beer


lr and i w our hotpot

the 6 girls at their table


after lessosn we went for kro's pizza, which i highly recommended for the geat authentic american taste cos it's opened by a californian!

it's located in a hutong area, me w ceci

inside is so cosy!

me and darling roomie

our side of the table


first come the salad,we thot 'chey! serving where got big'

we din know how big it was so we order 4 pizzas for the 9 of us...BIG mistake

4 pizzas these big..we r sooooo dead

the girls

one slice is already this BIG

how it looked on the counter

claire and ceci trying to push pizzas to one another

us hapy and satisfied after the heavy meal


chinamama 在 2007-07-06 14:36:28 说:

im so proud of u.. u are still blogging about stuff in beijing =)




roomie alina
team leader luo ren