Last Day at Tsinghua+ visit to Peking Uni

For the last day at tsinghua, we are supposed to choose one topic and present it to the whole class and the lecturers, in CHINESE and we are graded on that!!!

so we stayed over at the guy's palce the previous night to discuss the projects since we are working still on weekdays and we have no time to discuss as we arereushing work as well

the guys researching while i cooked green bean for breakfast

alina scooping

for some reason since there was no space on the table, lr took his bowl and just squatted at the wall (!!!??) he looked quite sad so dong n i decided to join him heh

dong, collapsed in the midst of doing his part on chinese history

so the girls being business students, tried to be mroe formal by wearing some jacket over but the guys have to try to wear girl's jacket -_-" okok u guys got waist smaller than girls'

bringing to you

DONG in his domo pose, wearing ali's jacket

LR in his look at me pose

DT, in his ye lai xiang pose

us rehearsing in one of the classrooms

ali looking like a newscaster

rehearsing for 2nd time

me bored haha so what do bored ppl do? cam whore duh

after the presentations was the speech and the graduation ceremony

me receiving my cert from the head of department of foreign studies

of course, class photo!

group photo w li lao shi

our gang ali, dt,dong,me,tri heu,lr

the guys in the criminal pose1


criminal pose 2


me with my emperor and emperor's mother

last time walking on the path out

taking the pict with the sign outside tsinghua

after that we went to visit peking uni, brought abt by the ex pres of the singapore student association

btw,all of these were originals, left by history,not man-made

the pagodas where the school used to detain students who made errors in the past

me and LR

the no name lake , fav spot for student's dating

the gate, showing that peking uni campus is part of yuan ming yuan

us lying on the remnants of a ship that was part of the yuan ming yuan

dong, chek the ex pres,me,lr,dt,alina


the gang

us taking photo under the scholar arch

later we went to visit chek's hostel which cost ard 350+a mth

guess what? it was nicer than both ntu and nus's hostels

dong posing,uh....abit messy hahah 3 ppl in one apartment,but the living room was nice

chek's room,with stuff bought frm ikea and the wholesale of ig's heaven


the washing machines at the laundry room was so big and high tech!

later we went for zhi char at peking uni's restaurants

our food..delicious!

and one special dish....sweet potato in caramel...

look at the caramel....

dip it in water then u eat..YUM my roomie's fav

then we went to the theatre place where the march to tianan sq and the student protest during the cultural revolution started

alot of famous ppl performed here including kenny G

oh and they show movies for free each thur!!!! spiderman 3 was shown!!!

their cafe

then off we went to meet the rest of the ppl that night for pubbing at houhai, the pub street

we bought the devil horns and we played naughty.

meeting up w the others

the evil 3

the 3 roomies

the wdk girls one of our fav =)






roomie alina
team leader luo ren