wk end trip to tianjin

Day 1 

ok travelling to tianjin is like singapore to beijing, but the train ride is 1+hr...we took a A class train tt cost us  8sing there

we gathered at the beijing train station

it is like a bullet train, one of the newest models, fast, and with girls dressed like SIA stewardess serving us

reaching tianjin

first we went to our hostel to put down our stuff

we first went shopping at some wholesale mkt..it was only so so

our fav food, beijing arabic mutton satays yum!

look at the street,look like pasar malam huh

however we bought something, each of us own a....

superhero fan! at 2 sing each

and dt's brick bears

one of the new estates

after lunch and shopping we went to the culture street

the guys did sm jumping shots

and we all started looking ard

we played chapteh in the streets after we looked ard

and we realised tt lee choon's leg was so dirty!!!! proves how bad the air in beijing and tian jin is

before we left Lr and i did a casual shot

and then we got stopped by police?! uh -oh...

kidding la we went to ask the police for directions

while the guys were doing the work...we girls of course..CAM whore! hahah

after dinner we were tired so we retired to our rooms, we roomed w dt and lr, while the other eli and leechoon roomed with triheu and chongmeng, for security sake and because there is only 3 beds in each room, 2girls share one bed and each guy take one bed, so tt is the best arrangement we came up with

us w our liang teh, of course i was stoning duh

Day 2

as we walked to the bus stop we saw a limo and we took a photo w it

after a one half trip on the bus, we reached a small town in the suburbs

taking photos at the old hutongs

we explored a famous courtyard

after that we took a "black car" to the farming site

look cornfields!

us w our liang the cos it was 37 degrees

the bunch of kids who called DT the rocket head ( tee hee hee)

lr and ali playing chess with their super hero electric fan

then we ventured into the pear field, lr is pointing a the pear!

the guys climbed onto the tree

The seh gang

after that we went to visit the fish farm

tt guy was catching alot of fishes

lee choon playing w the fishes

us all at the bank

i like this photo, we looked so desolate

before we took the bus dt finally gathered enough courage to see the adult sex shop which was everywhere =X

after that we took the cab back to town, and we stumbled upon the mrt..which looked even more modern than singapore's!

buying the tix


the tix

entering the mrt

the tv screen

on the train

our first visit was to the mosque

but we aint in right dress code, so we were kept outside!

so only these 3 got to go in

next was to the catholic church

inside of the church...

it was a big day as there were many ppl and there seem to be baptising

us all chongmeng,ali,dt,eli,me,lr with leechoon behind

the guys bumped inot this distorted mirror and tot they looked nice ans strong

chong meng resting w his fan at tianjin's orchard road

the bridge of tianjing, which faces the big river that leads to the sea

we decided to take a cheaper train back, cost ard 1.46 sing dollar but not as comfy

playing poker cards

interior fo the train

back at beijing! yay!





roomie alina
team leader luo ren