My last day at work 15/6/2007

 walking with mixed feelings..one of relief...one of sadness

the condos when we exit the mrt

lenovo office building

my office building is the yellow one behind

breakfast tt i might miss

first i met lr a the GIP office which is just below my office to find mary and keane but mary was at dalian so we took a farewell photo with keane

then it was farewell with my coy

with some of my company ppl

with my sup who has taught me alot

lr and his coy gang who helped us took the photo

at the COY dinner


bad and good memories...it will stay with me =) and i learned alot..thank you so much.

Dong's last day in beijing 13/6/2007

 dong left on 13th june because he gg to boston for seminar on 15 frm singapore..so we met him for farewell dinner at a local foodstore tt serves not bad food despite the oiliness

dong w his gifts frm his COY

ali v happy got her fav squirrel fish

eating..dt, char, ceci

the 3 roomies

ali and dong

me and dong

us all

last look at dong..see u back in sing!


Day after we came back from tianjing the 23 of us met up for beijing roast duck at Da dong

ducks alligned

us all at my table









roomie alina
team leader luo ren