Day 1

we set off at 5.30am in the morning to meet the tour agency ppl

the kiosk tt we stopped by on our 6 hr trip

passing by the yellow river

then after5 hrs of bus ride..our bus broke down!!!! argh!

only lee choon kept her cool

we were bored as the car wont come till 2 hrs later....so we photo whored

me and lr in front of a upcoming lorry

ali an DT's turn

the girls felt the urge....and we had no choice but to use umbrelle and pee by the roadside since we were stuck on the expressway

the guys helping us down the slope to the bushes

the girls forging on bravely...in the ultimate aim..to pee -_- 

then the guys decided to hike a ride on the expressway..and they did it the english way

and got laughed at by the passing drivers

so they ended up feeling v sad

and ali decided to join DT and rot by the road

the new van finally came after 2 hrs and we got to our hotel

dinner was ok, but here;s the 6 of us =)

we saw wine sold in deerskin

Day 2

next morning we had breakfast, and we saw a newspaper..and suspected Dong is not in boston as he said but ..he's arrested in mongolia!look at the guy in pink!

then we made our way to the dessert of sound

buying the tics

taking cable up

jumping shots on the sand

with out tickets to ride camel

camels waiting for us

me on my camel

us in the desert


me and lr


char and lee choon

sand sculptures

the sand was so smooth

taking the vehicle that brought us on an bumpy and exciting ride through the dessert


jumping shots again

lr and dt

up on the sand slope



me and ali's =)


yay! us!

i'm DT's nemesis

jumping shots again


roomies chums jump

Us standing on the side of the desert slope

nice pict of lee choon

us take the sandslide to go down..wheeeeeeeeeeee!

we were here!

after that we made our way to our mongolian tents to spend the night

only to get a shock when we get off the van cos we are surrounded by many ppl offering us white wine..which is a we must a least take a sip to show our appreciation

the makan tent

2nd round of white wine offering -_-

dt's turning red

i;m frowning

dance performances

lee choon, ali, char

the bbq lamb thigh,mongolian specilaity tt tasted quite good

In our tent, cosy and all

Dt looks like genghis Khan! OMG

Day 3

we woke up at 4.30 am in the morn to catch the sunrise which din happen because it was too cloudy =(

so we photo whored

does this photos look funny to u? note the hands..and ali looked so un alina! why u suddenly look so shy?

horses passing by the tents

me outside our tent

jumping shot galore!

dt's special

finally, we paid 30 sing dollars for 3 hrs of riding to 3 diff places..and this is the man in charge, the ang moh is travelling w us, his shorts looked like boxers la

me on my horse

lr and leechoon, ali's horse is just in a world of it's own la -_-


one of the 3 horse masters who followed us

suddenly lr look v tall on the horse because he is tall duh...the horse smhow looked like him too..hm....

out first destination.. complete patch of grassland

the mountain goat


2nd destination--farmhouse visit to a local's residence

the titbits made of lamb's milk


3rd destination the sacred place where they pray, us 6 with our horse master and thuy, our vietnamese friend whom we met in the tour

taking photo with 2 coold dudes who took the atv instead of horse up

at the end of the race, we went back to out tents

we watched a horse race

Dt challenged a mongolian guy to wrestling and won!

Later in the afteroon we went to the dinosaur museum ( yes mongolia is scientifically one fo the places where human species and other evolved, so it is an impt location actually)

and after that we return to home sweet home in beijing!

 DO watch the video..i made it for us who went for the trip..but i hope that you enjoy our video!


哈玛雅 在 2007-07-11 17:59:27 说:

Mongolia , my grandma's hometown...It is a nice place and its culture is different from the Han-Chinese culture , i love it very very much...
chinamama 在 2007-07-11 13:35:06 说:

I LOVE THE VIDEO!!! So sad =(




roomie alina
team leader luo ren