Changbaishan is located near Yan Ji, which is the china-north korean border.ppl there are korean by ethnicity and chinese by nationality due to history.

Day 1

meBuddy Min and her buddy came to find me in beijing on 22nd june, i picked them upa dn checked them into a hostel which was not very good ( so sorry!)

on 23rd, after putting their luggage at my place, together the 4 of us went to meet the rest at the beijing train station

First we took a 23 hr train ride (sitting mind you) from beijing to yanji



we were so bored, lr and i walked abt...

the canteen

after we explored we did jumping shot on the train corridor


the train was pretty clean and the cabin instructor kept cleaning and patrolling every half an hr so it was pretty cool...

Day 2 

until nighttime comes and we nd to slp ...cos the seat was uncomfortable for sleeping..but we try anyway

my sleepy look at 6am in the morning...i can sleep in any position..totally unglamorous, look at lr's expression

ok taking properly now

me, min and char

view of yanji frm the train

yay we finally reached!

me and ali at the streets, on our way to find our youth hostel

us shopping for fruits

then we decided to go to their local pasar malam

and shopped for some books which were ultra cheap ( english and chinese)


and alina and dt found sm cookoo hat which i am speechless abt what to say abt it

and we found diff insecticide brands with names tt are amusing like "whole nest die", "they must die etc"

we saw puppies sold on the streets

the locals having a pretty laidback life,played chess of a diff sort

some interesting pet..the black things on the left looked like salamanders but they are also called prehistoric organisms

a cheeful guy w geat smile doing the arabic satay


and we went back for a early rest as we nd to wake up at 4am the next morn






roomie alina
team leader luo ren