Changbai shan tour part 1 (heavenly lake)

We woke up at 4.30 am in the morning and met our black car driver at 5.30am
As we travelled, the sky seemed dark so we felt pretty worried that it'll rain adn we won't  be able to climb the mountain, but the scenery was great all the same

and we stopped by a shop by the roadside, to eat breakfast and to take a pee

there u go toilet without doors, but hey it was pretty clean

and we continued travelling...the trip took 6 hrs, but the sky seemed brighter!

and we finally reached! posing at the exit

we smuggle min and eenin thru the gates by pasng them off as local students as well =p

we took the mountain's bus up and we decided to go to the top to see the heavenly lake, so we took a jeep


me and ali squashed at the hind seat

and the jeep did the initial D kinda drift which was very exciting as it swerved and braked at every curve! and the view got greener as we go up


and we reached the top and we had to climbed further to reach the peak

of all the mountains we went, i love this the best, because it has snow all yr round, because it looked so diff from other mountains, because it is a volcano mountain that is NOT dormat, having erupted 300 yrs ago

look at the landscape

doesn't it feel like mars?

We were lucky that the clouds did not block us,and it wasn't very hot as well, and the heavenly lake view was WOW

uh min,me, eenin hehe we looked photoshopped


ooh lr and dt are scared

doing the jump



the beautiful but weird looking sand walls

looked like the pinnacles eh?

i like this photo i took of them

me lying down on the sand, look at the myriad of colours behind me

to test the height we threw a stone down...but e din hear it reach -_-"

time for group photos!

at the peak

facing the stone wall behind us, with the girls' "we-r-a-flower" pose

photo with the heavenly lake sign

then it drizzles and the clouds started going down and cover the view of the heavenly lake

proof of rain

climbing down to carpark


and we took a van down, next destination is the waterfall!

look out for part 2 !





roomie alina
team leader luo ren