changbaishan part 2

after visiting the lake, we took the public bus to the next destonation whcich is to the waterfall. Suddenly, it began to pour! and we were all wet..but we alighted frm the shelter of the bus anyway and walked on

the volcano is not a dormat one, so there are alot of hot springs on the mountain, explaining the smoke frm the waters 

we saw the downstream flow and follwed in the opp direction

rushing of water

walking through on mud path

and we climbed steps

finally we saw the waterfall!

 us w the waterfall

 Dt standing on a rock in the river. I touched the water and it was warm! because it of the hot springs! and the water is abit sweet..wow

after that we made our way to the small tianci, and i took photos with my darlings




as we reach the hot spring resorts area, and we bought the wen quan dan aka eggs cooked with the hot spring water! they out sausages, corn etc all in..but i love the eggs most

we walked through the forest path to get to our next destination..the small heavenly lake

lr char n dt on the path

the big rock  we encountered along the way

and we finally reached the lake!

the lake!


the small house aside the lake..smhow this place didn't feel like china

then we made our way to the final destination...the underground forest

on the way to the buses we spot a wide river

the entrance to the undergrd forest

and we took a hr way in the forest to get to the undergrd forest

the walk in we saw the pine trees at teh side..really majestic...felt like australia not china

the auntie who came with us and took care of us..she's v cute!

and we followed the sound of the river and found one

500 more meters to the undergrd forest!

and we reached the west platform to look down at the forest!


the undergrd forest...pine tree tt grew unuually tall because they grew at the bottom og the valley and they grew taller than the rest to fight to for reach sunlight

me and ali

after the final destination we climbed another hr back out

and we reached the bus that will take us down the mountain

on the way back to the Yanji city area on our van..we took a rest nest to the bee farm..see those boxes? theyare homes of bees


so...we jumped to stretch hehehe

lr tried to teach me the oomph jump

but it failed...try no 1

failed try number 2.... machiam looked like zombie so i gave up ahahahha tired la

tml gg to tumen and seeing the korean border yahoo!







roomie alina
team leader luo ren