day number 3 --Tumen, north korea border

We met the same driver at 10am the next day to start on our trip to tumen...it took 2 hrs to reach there and we took alot of photos on the van...so to show u what the place is like and how it looks un-china-ish 

the tolls station to show we gg out of yanji city

the expressway..everything looked so organised here..it;s unbelieveable.even the mountains looks well arranged

The traditional korean houses..with chimneys and all

The more modern houses

the small road leading to the farms

the farm area

and then..we reached the first destination! The river border

over there nkorea is known as nanyang korea

the river that seperates chian from n.korea

the tradtioanl korean fishing boats that take tourist down the river...a group of south koreans went to take the ride at the time we took this photo

all of us in front of the river

next was to the bridge, Half of it belonged to china, half to n.korea....unless u ahve a pass u cnat walk on the north korea sides or u will see guards chasing after u

e everyone on the bridge needs to be escorted by a guard

Dt buying the tickets

The pavillions and the bridge

the archway reperenting welcome to china!

us climbing up the steeps stairways to reach the viewing platform

view from the top, the other side of the river is n.korea

us looking into the telescopes to peep at n.korea

view from the telescope

the potrait of the big brother hanging on the building

the houses that the people live in

the farmlands, tt look so much like yanji in china's

me w bridge

of course..while waiting for the other to buy stamps...we camwhore

then we climbed down to walk on the bridge itself

the guard post

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doing the tua pek gong walk to the other side..traumatising the others walking back

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reaching the line that states entrance to no korea...we cant walk past the line so we tired to do a matrix

and we "touched"north korea

of course we did jumping shots

couple jump

roomie jump


bestie jump


the guys posing the china-man pose hahaha


alina in one of her moments

and this...is where the entertainment started for the guards...we did all kinds of silly poses that the guard had to walk away to snigger to himself first

1) lying like the lying buddha next to the words


2)lr ditting on dt since dt was lying down anyway


3) the nemesis


4)the girls vs the guy


5) HA keepaway from us pose

we finally left the bridge after 1 hr..last view of the bridge...no one co we were the only ones there

us with our black car driver driver..he's a nice guy who became frens with us

travelling back

we were supposed to split into 2 taxis and meet at th bathse.but we realised tt it is a chain and we went to a diff bathhse frm the rest...cos i nv show the address to the driver so he brought us to the nearest one which was a diff branch..lr is asking me WHY??!!!


checking in at the bathhse...our robes and locker keys

guys and girls went to 2 diff pools and rooms.seperated la. we were shocked when the attenders told us we aren;t allowed to wear any clothes at all at the hot springs!so the girls went in naked in ours while the guys dun even dare to in their pool!

us at the girls pool..my head v gd for tripod stand

but we went for sauna, massage and all all for 6rmb...1.50 sing! damn cool la there's also this place with a couches and televisions for the people to chill

me and me enjoying ice cream at the movie lounge

us 3

at the common room to meet the guys for sauna

back at yanji city

donkeys on street

Day 4

going back to Bj

walking to the railway station

crowd at the station...ARGH. we were depending on min who's the tallest to lead the way heh =)

nin, min and me on the train


one of the railways station durin one of the stopovers at night

back at beijing!





roomie alina
team leader luo ren