Tribute to my lovelies

I must thank my lovelies....for what they have given me here

First of all, my darling roomie.

there are times we laughed together

times we listen to each other, and understand each other

times we don;t feel like talking to one another

and times we lay next to each other in bed and chat till we fall alseep

thank you...

for taking care of me when i was sick,esp accompanying fme go to hosp for the drip that few nights

for being patient with me when i'm being a mule

for bearing with my crap and lameness

for listening to me

thanks for being my roomie =) muacks

My dearie Lr

 You are really one surprise which i did not expect to meet at least when i went on GIP

But i was real glad to have you.

we bickers at times cos i am stubborn

you get exasperated a my blurness at times

i fall asleep at every chance i get and you always lend me your shoulders

for the few difficult times we passed through in these few mth that we were together

i'll like to thank you...

for your patience with me

for remembering stuff which i didn't

for feeding me food -_-"

for taking care of me, like bringing me to the hosp

for always thinking for me

for teaching me to love..and for loving me

cheers, muacks dear

to my nemesis DT

Man i just got a love hate relationship with you bro

but u've gotta admit, smtimes only i get what u r saying muahahah

u look very dao, and u can be very bad tempered + ultra vain

but thanks for tking care of the gang, esp the girls when we go travel

thanks for cooking good food for us

thanks for being you, in a way

but i hope you know what u are doing, and are happy doing it.ya know what i mean.cheers bro

Dong Dong Dong Dong!

haha u break record for the most sig sentences like, "I Take acting classes", "i just want to make you smile"

but i love your " i am so hungry i cld eat a cow, but i cant eat them because they are sacred animals" hahaha i think that was the ultimate man, in tt situation especially

i've seen you when u are tulan

i've seen u when u are hungry

i've seen u happy like a kid when u step on the frozen lake

and well, i like to hear you talk

thanks for being urself, dun think got another dong

i love my gang... really.thanks for the friendship and cheers to it! i love this photo..i think we all looked v happy


and last but not least the rest of you all in Gip..u rock!








roomie alina
team leader luo ren